Read about the outstanding inclusive leaders embody GlobalMindED's values and and who would make MLK proud if he were alive today. 

With a graduation rate of only 11% among first generation college students in the U.S., Nasir Qadree's diploma is proof that he's beaten the odds. With a career that started on Wall Street and has taken him to positions at venture capital firms and foundations, he's pledged to not just beat the odds for himself, but to change them altogether by opening doors for others. 

Phuong Dinh, an administrative fellow at Kaiser Permanente, joined GlobalMindED's Colorado Leadership Circle this past summer in an effort to continue paving the way for First Gen students. Speaking about her own First Gen experience and the importance of creating a diverse talent pipeline in the healthcare industry, she shares with us today that the ability to dream is a right to everyone and it is a right that can be pursued through education.
Dr. John Lopez - Belize native, United States immigrant, First Gen student. He is a representative, dedicated to the advancement of educational equity and inclusivity, of the higher education and policy sectors. He currently acts as the special assistant to the President and Chief Administrative Officer of Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and a director of the WICHE branch of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA). 

Rocio Perez, President & Founder of Inventiva Consulting, LLC , is a bicultural entrepreneur who has fueled her professional journey with a strong sense of connection to community, heritage and culture. She came from a difficult background, but turned her life around for the betterment of her son. As a first generation to college student, she forged her path to become the successful woman that she is today.

Dr. Nader Vadiee, the mastermind behind the growing pre-engineering program at the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI). 

Dr. Vadiee was the first recipient of the Digital Inclusion Award presented by GlobalMindED and WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies this past June at the 2017 GlobalMindED conference. He was recognized for advancing First Gen college student interests - specifically those of Native American and Hispanic students - in the STEM fields.

This fall, the GlobalMindED team has had the pleasure to work with Andrenique Meigs, a First Gen student from Langston University, who has worked hard to overcome and succeed as one of our strongest interns. In this interview, Andrenique shares about her path and her goals for the future.
Adrian Rosado, a first generation to college student now working in Instructional Design and Strategy, understands the struggles that First Gen students face, and hopes to be a beacon of hope to show these students that any obstacle can be overcome through hard work and perseverance.
Betty Gronneberg is the Founder and Executive Director of uCodeGirl, a non-profit organization that creates a pathway to technology careers for teen girls by tapping into their curiosity, skills, and potential. 

A native of Ethiopia, Betty has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. GlobalMindED greatly values Betty's accomplishments in diversifying the coding and STEM industry.

Sometimes our adversities can set us on the trajectory for our lives. If you do not allow yourself to be defeated by your circumstances, you can use them to strengthen yourself and your career goals. That is precisely what Erin McClarty did when she overcame the trials of her youth. From a first generation to college student, to a flourishing professional, Erin is an inspiration to any student who may feel as if they are struggling.

Beth Miller faced a rough path in her twenties, but through sheer determination, she turned her life around and eventually became an adjunct professor at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and the Executive Director of the Creative Education Foundation.
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