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January 24, 2019
Dr. King played a major role in the fight for fair housing, particularly through the Chicago Freedom Movement of the mid-1960s. Did you know that testing was one of the methods activists used to uncover discrimination? Learn more in the ERC's latest blog post .
Princeton's Eviction Lab found that nine of the 10 highest-evicting large U.S. cities were not only located in the South but also had populations that were at least 30 percent black. (Stateline)
"Discrimination in housing is exacerbating our housing and homelessness crisis by allowing landlords to discriminate and deny leases to families who want and can pay for housing," said LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. (NBC Los Angeles)
“Restaurants are supposedly places dedicated to hospitality, but the clear reality when encountering ableism and inaccessibility is that my wheelchair functions to make me undeserving of quality service.” (Eater)
Fewer than 40 percent of people with hearing disabilities work full time, and those who want to face numerous obstacles, including hiring discrimination. (NPR)
The court's ruling on Domino's website and mobile app accessibility could help encourage companies to fully and equally serve people with disabilities, online and in-person, despite the lack of federal guidance. (Fast Company)
The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to allow the Trump administration's restriction on transgender military service members to go into effect. Legal debates regarding the ban are currently playing out in lower courts. (NPR)
The New York legislature recently passed two bills to protect LGBTQ New Yorkers: One of these prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and adds transgender people to the list of those protected under the state's hate crimes law. The other institutes a ban on conversion therapy. (Patch)
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