October 2018, Issue 4

WAV Group Newsletter
By Victor Lund

There is a progressive MLS leadership group that is fighting on behalf of brokers to make dramatic improvements in data management that needs broker support for their efforts. The group is called MLS Roundtable , made up of eight MLSs representing 300,000 brokers and agents. In an article published this week called Measuring Success for MLS Executives, Kathy Condon, President and CEO of Massachusetts regional MLS PIN scribes an eloquent synopsis of the status of migrating data feeds from the RETS transportation method to RESO Web API. She urges the industry to move forward quickly and responsibility. They need brokers to support the effort by encouraging more MLSs to focus their attention and treasury to RESO Web API adoption.
By Kevin Hawkins

When I sat down with Tim Dain and Quinn Nichols at CMLS to get a sneak peek at the new MARIS website they were getting close to finishing, they were pretty giddy about their site. They had been working on this for months, so I completely understood their euphoria. Anyone who has given ‘birth’ to a new website knows the pain you endure until it makes its public debut.
By David Gumpper

If you missed the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO.org) 2018 Fall Conference in Milwaukee, you should plan on attending the 2019 Spring Conference in Boise, ID . There were many informative and powerful sessions sprinkled throughout the conference. RESO is the only conference where MLSs, Brokerages, and Technology Companies collaborate under one umbrella striving to create a better industry. This time, there was one topic which resonated with Brokers; Say ‘No’ to Setup Fees.
By David Gumpper

Twilio sent out a PR about buying SendGrid on Tuesday, October 15th, and it seemed to fly past the radar of everyone in real estate. Maybe the lack of interest is because both companies supply backend services to products who need communication services. Building multi-channel communication features in an app just became easier.
By Victor Lund

In 2017, over five-billion dollars was invested in real estate “prop-tech” startups – one hundred fifty times the level seen in 2010. This landslide of venture capital has spawned exciting new technology players offering, but sometimes falling short of delivering, unprecedented reach, mobility, and ease to the real estate industry. But who is doing great work? Who can you trust to help your members succeed? How do you find the time to identify, vet, and integrate these exciting new technology options to your existing architecture? Does it feel overwhelming to sort through this ever-expanding universe of technology options?
By Marilyn Wilson

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