Virtual Showings Allowed Temporarily in Response to State of Emergency

In light of the extraordinary situation that is unfolding around the Covid-19 pandemic and social-distancing measures that have been enacted during the state of emergency, a listing may remain “active” in MLS PIN as long as the property is available for either of the following: (1) physical, on-site viewing of the listed property by potential buyers with a cooperating broker; or (2) virtual showing (which could mean live or pre-recorded video of the listed property), during which the listing broker or agent is available to answer any questions that a cooperating broker may have about the property. You may post a URL for a virtual showing or a virtual open house into the “Special Showing Instructions” field of your listing. If the property is not available in either manner described above, then you should temporarily withdraw your listing until it meets one of these criteria. Normally, a listing may be “active” only if the listed property is available for physical, on-site viewing. The virtual-showing allowance described above is a temporary allowance that we are making in light of the current, unprecedented crisis. We will communicate to you once the situation improves enough to resume the usual policy on showings. In the meantime, on behalf of all of us at MLS PIN, please be safe and well.
MLS PIN Rules vs. NAR's Clear Cooperation Policy
A Helpful Flyer to Show the Differences

A reminder that MLS PIN is not an NAR-affiliated MLS due to our ownership structure, and therefore, it is not required for us to administer the new NAR Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0. However, please note that MLS PIN will listen very carefully to its shareholders’ and customers’ feedback and concerns. We have put together a task force made up of the board of directors' members and staff to understand and respond to what your needs are. It is not to say that MLS PIN will not put the policy into effect at some point, but there is no specific plan to do so now. We are fortunate to be in a position as a non-NAR-chartered MLS to evaluate how the policy pans out elsewhere and to decide what is in the best interest of our customers and their clients before making final decisions. MLS PIN will communicate any changes in the coming months, and in the meantime,  please click  HERE  for a helpful flyer that outlines our current mandatory listing input deadlines per MLS PIN's rules vs. NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy.   This flyer also will show you at a glance the differences between MLS PIN’s listing statuses in comparison to NAR’s new policy.   If you have any questions about MLS PIN’s current  Rules and Regulations , please contact
MLS PIN's New Brand is Our Bridge to the Future
New Logo, Brand, and Website on the Horizon

We realize that a lot is going on in our industry and world right now and will plan the timing of our rebrand accordingly, but in the not-too-distant future, we'll be releasing a new logo, brand identity, and corporate website (note: not Pinergy). We partnered with a very reputable industry firm to help us evaluate our current brand and where we'd like to be, and our Marketing team has been busy with all of the details a rebrand of this size requires. When all is ready and it’s fitting for a release, you'll notice a more modern logo and theme for MLS PIN as well as a new responsive design corporate website created to make finding classes and essential information easier. Again, the Pinergy system you use daily will not change, just the corporate site will change. Look for future communications, and know that soon you'll see a fresh and exciting new brand revealed in our forms, marketing materials, event participation, swag, and anywhere you come in contact with us as we redouble our effort to be the organization that drives your success and evolves into a next-level MLS.
Webinars Are a Great Source of Information on Pinergy (and 3rd-Party Tools)

We would like to remind you during this challenging time that free webinar training classes are ongoing and are a great way to sharpen your skills while at home.  You can learn the ins and outs of Pinergy’s Search and Search Results, Contact Management, Listing Statuses, and Market Reports. You can also get valuable information on using the Cloud CMA and Remine tools that come free with your MLS PIN subscription. The full list of scheduled classes can be found  HERE
Download MLS PIN's Free Housing Market Report

Our annual MLS PIN Housing Market Report is back, and it's full of statistics and graphs letting you know how the Massachusetts housing market fared for Single Family and Condominium listings in 2019. You’ll get a market overview plus Property Type Review, Price Range Review, Bedroom Count Review, Area Overviews, Area Historical Prices, and more. Click HERE to download this informative report today, and get a snapshot of 2019 plus a heads-up on how the market may be headed in 2020.
New "Team" Options in Market Reports for Brokers and Managers

Four of Pinergy’s market reports available to brokers and managers have been updated with “team” options. The updated reports are Market Share - All Agents, Market Share - Agents In My Office, Market Share - Agents In My Firm, and Listings Taken - By Agent. Each of these reports now includes options to run the report for “all” (which is the default) or to limit the report by excluding teams or by including only teams, making it easier to focus on either agents or teams if desired. These new options appear next to the list of property types in the reports.
Two New Options for Pinergy's Listing Document Attachments

If your listing will be Coming Soon and/or showings will be deferred, then a completed, signed Coming Soon and Deferral of Showings Form must be submitted to MLS PIN within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of posting the listing. We encourage you to use Pinergy’s listing document attachments to upload your completed form to your listing, specifying the new “Coming Soon and Deferral of Showings Form” option for its Type of Document. (In the near future, MLS PIN will not accept these forms via fax.) Another new option available for an attached document is the “MLS & Public” privacy setting. Selecting this setting will allow the document to be accessible to not only all MLS PIN users but also to data access vendors, syndicators, and brokers with access to MLS PIN data via our RETS server for IDX and VOW.
Keep Track of Interesting Properties with New Pinergy Listing Carts

Pinergy’s latest feature, listing carts, makes it wicked easy to set aside specific listings for later use. You can select listings from virtually anywhere in Pinergy (Contacts, Listings, Search, Map Search, CMA, Property History, Hot Sheets, and Carts) and then place those listings into a cart for future reference. You can load selected listings from a cart in Pinergy’s CMA. You also can click the Carts icon in Pinergy’s navigation bar to work with a cart directly, having the same options found in Pinergy’s Search Results (Stats, View, Email, Print, PDF, Map, Recommend, Download, Directions, and Cloud CMA) plus additional options for removing listings from a cart and adding listings to another cart. You’ll be able to keep up to 100 carts, each containing up to 500 listings, and you’ll be able to rename, delete, or empty any cart. So, whenever you need to keep track of one or more listings, put them into a listing cart!
Using Additional Criteria to Find ONLY First-Floor Bedrooms

Listings in Pinergy may specify the level of each room in the property, and you may search according to those levels. Are you looking for a property with a first-floor master bedroom? Then from the Additional Criteria section in Search (Advanced Criteria tab in Map Search), select “Master Bedroom Level,” select “First Floor,” and then add it to your search. If having just any bedroom on the first floor will do, then select “Bedroom Level: Any,” select “First Floor,” and then add it to your search.
Cloud CMA's Learning Resources Offer Short, Informative Video Learning

Got a Cloud CMA or Cloud Agent Suite question? Cloud CMA’s “Learning Resources” page has the answers! Sign in to Cloud CMA, click your initials (or profile photo if you’ve uploaded one) in the upper right, and choose “Learning Resources” (or simply click  HERE ). You’ve unlocked a page of short, topic-specific videos color-coded to their entire suite of products (Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX, and Cloud Attract). Most videos are about a minute long. We recommend “Generating seller leads with Cloud CMA” in particular to learn about the free lead-generating “What’s My Home Worth” landing page you can easily start using today. For more in-depth training, choose the “Classes” option on that page to register for live webinars: the Cloud Agent Suite webinar is held every Friday. Remember, Cloud CMA’s reports, flyers, CMAs, and buyer tours are all free for MLS PIN customers.  
Is It Coming Soon or "Coming Soon"?

There are different ways of promoting a property as “coming soon,” and there are different requirements for each. If the seller wants to list in the MLS but defer showings for up to a maximum of 21 days in an off-market status, you’d want to use the Coming Soon (CSO) status. For this status, you’ll need to have the seller sign a Coming Soon and Deferral of Showings Form and file the signed form with MLS PIN no later than 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after you post the listing into the MLS as CSO. MLS PIN will not syndicate a listing while it is in the CSO status, but you may advertise the property on your own, according to your agreement with the seller. If, on the other hand, the seller asks you to advertise the property as “coming soon” before posting it into the MLS, you must have the seller sign a Non-MLS Listing Form. This signed form must be filed with MLS PIN no later than 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after you receive the signed, executed listing agreement.
Employee Spotlight
Joe Purretta 

With a Pinergy uptime of 99.99%, it’s safe to say our IT department gets the job done, allowing MLS PIN employees and Pinergy users to concentrate on their work while the technology is handled behind the scenes. Joe Purretta is part of the team that works hard to keep things running like clockwork 24/7. After working at The Princeton Review/ for 7 years, Joe came to us 2 years ago, starting out as System Administrator before being quickly promoted to Sr. Systems Engineer. Today he works on projects like updating the company’s WiFi and the VPN that lets us all work remotely during unsafe weather so that we can still service our customers. His goal is to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing world of security, hosting, and networking and is always on the lookout for better IT solutions. When not at work, he enjoys drumming to Rush songs and spending time camping, boating, and jet skiing with his family. There will always be new IT challenges and processes, and we’re glad Joe (and the IT team) are there to make it all work seamlessly.