Pool Update
Dear MLSTC Members,

First and foremost, a huge thank you for all the positive feedback and support. The board, along with SwimSafe, is working incredibly hard to ensure the best experience for everyone this summer. Board members met with SwimSafe at the pool this weekend to physically distance the chairs (it was previously done virtually, via satellite images). With some cautious, yet strategic planning, we are able to allow more members and increase our maximum capacity to 200. With this increase, has come a few changes.

To ensure the safety of our members and facilitate the best pool experience, we have considered numerous policies and procedures. In doing so, we have analyzed our member number data, consulted with our management company, SwimSafe, held many meetings and discussions each week, networked with area swim clubs, and reviewed all member e-mail suggestions. No decision was taken lightly. This will continue to be a constantly changing process; we very much appreciate your time and understanding!

Reservation System

  • Careful consideration has been given to a "reservation system" from the start. Many scenarios have been played out, all presenting unique situations and challenges. A thorough analysis of our member data and trends has been completed. As expected, holidays and mornings have the largest number of members in attendance. Guest data reports that we have about 3,500 guests per season, with an average of 35/day (our highest day having over 150 guests last summer). Furthermore, the data reports that in past years, fewer than 200 members were checking in over a 3 hour period. With no guests this year, and if members limit their visits to the pool, we anticipate an enjoyable pool season. We are currently working on a combination of reservations AND walk-ins. Please be patient with us as details are finalized. An update will be sent out soon outlining the process.

Inactive Status

  • We have had many questions about going inactive. We know that it is not an easy decision for you and your family. If you choose to do this, your membership status will be changed to "inactive" as per your request and will be on hold for the entire 2020 season. Inactive status allows you to rejoin in 2021 without having to re-apply or pay the initiation fee again. Please note that all member privileges are suspended (including tennis). The cost to move to inactive status is $75/year + tax, as outlined in the bylaws. You would receive a refund of your annual fee (minus the $80.25) in the next few weeks. If you have already submitted a request to go inactive, and have reconsidered, simply email us. The deadline to do this has been extended to May 31st.

Babysitter/Nanny Approval and Process

  • We have had many questions on the babysitter process. All babysitters and nannies must be approved by the board. Send your request with the babysitter's name and date of birth to MLSTC. Please review our babysitting policy outlined below.
  • Babysitters must be 16 years or older as outlined in the bylaws, section IV, item 6. The age requirement is mandatory for insurance requirements and liability.
  • Up to 3 babysitters can be listed.
  • Please note that babysitters are allowed admittance to the pool only if they are babysitting. Additionally, they are not permitted to bring guests.
  • If your babysitter is under 21, they are not allowed at the pool with your children after 5pm.
  • Please ask them to bring ID to their first visit to the pool.

Updates To Come...

  • Senior/Immunocompromised Hours
  • Swim and Dive Team Info
  • New Member FAQ
  • Tennis Survey/Info
  • Water Aerobics

Any questions can be sent to mtlookoutswimclub@gmail.com . Thanks for all your continued support and patience!
Covid-19 Restrictions

  • Please do not come to MLSTC if you have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Please do not come to MLSTC if you are sick or have any symptoms of respiratory illness. Anyone showing signs of sickness may be kindly asked to leave.
  • Maintain 6 feet of separation from all non-immediate family members, at all times.
  • Please wash/sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Masks are not required; however, they are recommended when entering/exiting the property and ordering food.
  • It is the responsibility of the member to follow these rules and regulations. If you do not follow these rules, you will be asked to leave the premises.
Important Docs and Past Updates

Governor DeWine's Pool Protocols can be found HERE

MLSTC Pool Update #1 can be found HERE

MLSTC Pool Update #2 can be found HERE

MLSTC Pool Update #3 - Opening Guidelines can be found HERE
COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic that can result in severe illness and death. While we will implement rigorous sanitation procedures and are asking all members to adhere to our social distancing guidelines, Mount Lookout Swim and Tennis Club cannot eliminate the risk entirely. Many people infected with COVID-19 do not show any symptoms. Therefore, any member who visits the swim club in 2020, assumes the risk of exposure to COVID-19. If you are not comfortable with this risk, we suggest you change your membership status to INACTIVE for the 2020 season.