October 2023



"The lack of power to take joy in outdoor nature is as real a misfortune as the lack of power to take joy in books."

Theodore Roosevelt

Our Online Auction Is Now Live!

Join Us At The Soirée

Six exciting new public-access projects are in the works with the Mendocino Land Trust. Join our kickoff fundraiser to help develop these sites, which include a new, large, public park in Fort Bragg and several trails along the coast.

The MLT Sunset Soirée is happening on October 21, 4-7 pm at the Caspar Community Center, 15051 Caspar Road, Caspar, CA. This year’s signature event offers a silent auction, food by Pilón Kitchen, and live music by The Mendonesians. 

Not sure you can make the date? You can still have fun and help MLT by bidding in the online auction. Use the button below. And if you find an item you absolutely MUST have, then do buy a ticket and make your final bid at the event. Those present can have one last shot at outbidding the top online auction bids


Questions? Call (707) 962-0470 or email ckramer@mendocinolandtrust.org.

Click Here For The Auction Website

Coast Cleanup Successes!

17.3 Miles - 3,319 Pounds

This is a big thank-you for the 296 people who came out to help during the September Coastal Cleanup. As this year’s theme put it: You are bigger than you think!

And you were! You tidied up 17.3 miles of beach and waterways by standing tall (or bravely bending over, or proudly rolling along, or triumphantly tucked into a kayak) to clean up 3,319 pounds of trash.


The news from some sites is that there was less garbage than last year, but alas, not in every location. Micro trash abounds, still, and one team’s notes had the comment: “For God’s sake, quit smoking!” Way, way, too many cigarette butts were found, and the risk they pose to wildlife is considerable.

In addition to the butts, there was the usual run of plastic, cans, and things left behind such as bicycle parts and lawn furniture. But then, there were the items that got the cleanup crews’ attention: a tube of candy called “toxic waste slime licker squeeze,” unused cans of whipped cream—maybe the party ended early, a set of acrylic nails, a tiny dancer doll, a spider man, and the grill off a Land Rover.

Talk about a mixed and messy bag.

Where did all this happen here in Mendo? There was a lot of love laid down on:

• Big River Beach - Mendo Parks & Mendocino Mermaids

• Caspar Beach - Coastal Mendocino Association of Realtors

• Glass Beach - City of Fort Bragg

• Hare Creek Beach - Mendocino Land Trust

• MacKerricher at Ward Avenue - SurfRiders

• Noyo Harbor Beach - Noyo Center for Marine Science

• Ten Mile Beach Dunes - Mendocino Coast Audubon Society

• Noyo River - Boating Cleanup - Liquid Fusion Kayak

• Point Arena Cove - City of Point Arena

• Pudding Creek Beach - Fort Bragg Middle School

• Russian River - Ukiah Valley - Mendocino County Resource Conservation District

• Seaside Beach - Mendocino Land Trust

• Van Damme Beach - Little River Environmental Action Group

• Virgin Creek Beach - North Coast Brewing Company

• Coastal Forest Inland, Jackson Demonstration Forest - Mendocino Trail Stewards

• Noyo Harbor Headlands Park - Latino Outdoors

Ouch. It makes me tired just to write all this down, never mind the work that went on out there!

So many of our groups above come out year-after-year, and we can’t thank them enough. You made these public spaces safer and more pleasant. We will think of you all the next time we visit these sites. If you weren’t able to be a part of the cleanup, then please thank those who did. They deserve it!


Send Your Problem Car Down the Road

Is your car eating you alive?

Do you spend more time with your mechanic than with your friends?

Are you ready to release your ride into the wild?

With apologies to Paul Simon, there must be 50 ways to leave your flivver, but we’re hoping you choose to do so in a way that helps MLT. Be a part of Cartober, a nation-wide moment to easily donate your heap, get a tax-write-off, and help your favorite charity.

How do you do this? Check out the links below. How hard is it? Just reach out to the careasy.org link below or call their number, and they pretty much take over. If your vehicle qualifies, they will come and pick it up for free.

Imagine getting another space in your driveway or clearing out that project-car-that-never happened. It’s like getting a new garage. Almost…

What will they take? A lot, actually. All vehicles are considered (running or not) including cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RVs, motorcycles, campers, off-road vehicles, planes, heavy equipment, farm machinery, and most other motorized vehicles.

Sound good? We hope so, and we hope you’ll donate your car to MLT by completing the online form here or by reaching out to CARS directly at 855-500-7433.

Questions? Check out the donor FAQ's link.

Thanks for your support of MLT!

Donor Appreciation BBQ

A Gathering of Kindred Spirits

Our supporters rock! MLT wants to thank again the many, many people who make our work possible. Donors and volunteers are an essential and much-appreciated part of our team.

It was in this spirit that we offered up a BBQ September 23, and even though it was overcast and a bit windy, more than 30 hearty souls came out for food and fun. It's so gratifying to see kindred spirits gather!

And, once again, the event was helped by supporters' gifts!

Eco-Friendly paper products were used at the BBQ thanks to a donation from World Centric. We thank WorldCentric, and encourage you to check them out on their Instagram feed, @worldcentric and their website https://www.worldcentric.com/

Can I Buy Soirée Tickets?

Yes! But Get Them

Before They're Gone....

Join us if you can and enjoy live Latin-style jazz by the Mendonesians, Venezuela-inspired food by the chefs at Pilón Kitchen, and a silent auction. Tickets are $125 each and can be purchased at this link.

Being there is an experience not to be missed, and gives you a chance to snatch up items from the online auction. Those present at the event can outbid the closing bids of the online auction bidders. It's part of the way we're saying "thank you" to our most ardent supporters.


If you are interested in donating to the silent auction, you can do so at this link.


We hope you’ll join us in our efforts to launch these new undertakings! Questions? Call (707) 962-0470 or ckramer@mendocinolandtrust.org.

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