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Join us for Coastal Cleanup Day!

Choose from 18 Locations Throughout Mendocino County

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Coastal Cleanup Day celebrates the community working together to keep Mendocino County creeks, rivers, beaches and the ocean trash-free and safe for people and wildlife. Most of this year’s cleanups will be on Saturday, Sept. 17, but everyone is encouraged to do neighborhood cleanups all month long! 

In 2021, 287 Mendocino County volunteers removed 3,667 pounds of trash and recyclables – despite an unseasonable rainstorm that left participants soaking wet. We are looking forward to another successful cleanup this year, but it depends on the community showing up to help.

Mendocino Land Trust has served as the county coordinator for the annual statewide Coastal Cleanup Day since 2002. Each year, more and more people join in this effort. The Land Trust is proud to coordinate sites for Mendocino County and grateful to our partnering organizations and individuals who host cleanup sites year after year.

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We especially need volunteers to help with the MLT-organized cleanup along the trail to Hare Creek Beach south of Fort Bragg. Last year, volunteers and Land Trust staff removed almost 1,400 pounds of trash from this area! Due to its proximity to town and the continuing housing crisis, this creek way often ends up being a refuge for unhoused members of our community. Camps become abandoned for a variety of reasons and belongings and trash are left behind. The debris not only affects the beauty of this area but also introduces litter and pollution into the nearby creek and ocean. We will meet in the parking lot at the Community College Coast Center. All who use this area – be they hikers, beachgoers, or those who seek refuge here — greatly appreciate your service in improving this area.

Click here for a full list of Cleanup Sites

RSVP for Coastal Cleanup Day

Thank you, Trail Keepers!

Local businesses support public access and trails

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MLT appreciates all the support our community provides. We are especially grateful for our Trail Keepers and would like to recognize them this month. Trail Keepers are businesses and individuals who have chosen to sponsor MLT’s public access trails.

Our Trail Keepers Say:

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"The Beachcomber Hotel Group proudly supports conservation and public access efforts in Mendocino County because we want visitors to enjoy safe, responsible access to our amazing destination. Together, we can work to ensure our trails remain beautifully protected so future generations can witness the wonders of this community."

- Jon Glidewell, Beachcomber Hotel

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“We're grateful to Mendocino Land Trust for the opportunity to experience the diverse wildlife in the Ten Mile estuary by way of the Old Smith Ranch Preserve. As business owners who also offer coastal access to the public, we join the MLT in celebrating our amazing North Coast. We're just a few more miles up Highway 1 and encourage locals to visit from noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday."

- Sally Ottoson, Pacific Star Winery

"One of our favorite things about our gorgeous north coast is when you emerge from the forest to the stunning open sky and shimmery ocean as far as the eye can see. There's no better spot to take it all in than Navarro Point, which The Andiron Seaside Inn & Cabins is so proud to sponsor. We think the peace and possibility that spots like these offer to a troubled world is a necessity these days. We're so glad The Mendocino Land Trust nurtures them. We try to match their care with kindness and comfort at our fun, nostalgic, and friendly inn ( We hope to see you here - and at Navarro Point - someday soon!"

- Madeline Stanionis, The Andiron Seaside Inn & Cabins

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“Sonoma Clean Power is proud to partner with the Mendocino Land Trust as a Trail Keeper. As agencies with similar missions, we know that protecting the natural beauty of local landscapes for residents and visitors of the Mendocino coastal region is better done together.” 

-Danielle McCants, Sonoma Clean Power

Sponsor Logos.jpg

“We support Mendocino Land Trust because we believe land conservation is vital to achieving California's climate goals, and because we are fierce believers that all people should have access to wild places to recreate outdoors, reconnect with nature, and develop an appreciation for the environment. The good folks at MLT are doing this work everyday, and it's up to everyone who benefits from it to support the organization in the ways they are able."

- Mischa Hedges, TrimTab Media

We are now accepting applications for Trail Keeper sponsorships for the 2023 Calendar year. If you or your business is interested in becoming a Trail Keeper, please find more information and an application on our website or email Your tax-deductible gift demonstrates your support of public access in Mendocino County. 

Noyo Harbor Inn is a Trail Keeper at Pelican Bluffs and Belinda Point

Rossi Building Supply is a Trail Keeper at Pelican Bluffs

Old Abalone Pub is a Trail Keeper at Old Smith Ranch

Visit Mendocino is a Trail Keeper at Navarro Point and Old Smith Ranch

Apply to be a Trail Keeper

MLT Outdoor Social Club

Join us on Sept 10 for a Night Hike near Willits

Outdoor Social Club.jpg

MLT Outdoor Social Club outings allow us to celebrate what conservation has accomplished locally and give people a chance to connect to the land in a variety of ways.

Ridgewood Ranch is located between Willits and Redwood Valley. It is a stunning area where one can appreciate Mendocino County’s rich agricultural history and wildlife habitat thriving side by side. In partnership with the landowners, MLT maintains two conservation easements on the ranch - one of which contains a surprising 33-acre grove of impressive old redwoods nestled in a wet spot amongst oak woodlands and ag lands. On September 10, MLT Staff will lead an evening outing to the redwood grove. We will talk about nocturnal wildlife, including bats and owls and watch the stars come out.

Please note this area is private property and use is only by special arrangement with the landowner.

Group size is limited to 20 people. Please register here. Want to learn more about Ridgewood Ranch? Click here.

Event details and RSVP here

Beaches and Bucket Lists:

A Guest Post From Leslie Krongold

Leslie takes a beach wheelchair for a test drive!

A Mendocino resident and frequent MLT Outdoor Social Club participant has written a guest post about beaches, declining mobility, and bucket lists. We hope you enjoy this short read, and make sure to watch the video of Leslie taking a beach wheelchair for a test drive at Seaside Beach! Thank you, Leslie, for sharing your story!

Growing up in South Florida I had the luxury of visiting the beach regularly. I remember my father coming home from work and my parents and I would hit the beach in the latter hours of a summer day. I’d sit on the sand, legs spread out with the water shimmering around me, and daydream. Lots of daydreaming.


I’ve never lived too far from the beach – East or West Coast. But the one thing that I didn’t have, and it was on my very short bucket list, is to wake up and see the ocean. Effortless.


Effort has become a key word for me lately. I have a rare genetic neuromuscular disease called myotonic dystrophy. It’s progressive, and since my diagnosis I’ve made adaptations based on my new normal. It takes an effort to eat, to breathe, and now to walk.

Read more of Leslie's story + info about how to borrow a beach wheelchair from California State Parks

Upcoming Volunteer Days!
Help Improve Habitat at MLT Preserves

With Coastal Cleanup Day happening this month, we are changing up our normally scheduled volunteer days to focus our efforts on September 17. We encourage people to help out at Navarro Point on the usual Second Thursday Volunteer Day and join us at Hare Creek on the third Saturday of the month (instead of the Second Saturday). Don't worry, Lenny will be there!

Mark your calendars:

Navarro Point Preserve near Albion

Thursday, Sept. 8 from 10 am - 12 pm

Dress to get dirty. Bring gloves and water. Tools will be provided. Thistle removal is still top priority. View meeting location in Google Maps

Hare Creek Beach, Fort Bragg

Saturday, Sept. 17 from 9:00 am - 12 pm

Join us for Coastal Cleanup Day! Dress to get dirty and bring a bucket if yo have one handy. We will provide nitrile gloves but many people like to wear garden or work gloves over them. Meet at the south end of the Mendocino College Coast Center parking lot. If you arrive late, wander across the field and down the trail along the creek and you'll find us piling trash into the MLT truck. Want to participate but your body isn’t up for trudging up and down the trail? We need people at our parking lot base camp too - weighing trash and equipping other volunteers. RSVP and let us know you want to be at “base camp.”

Ten Mile Stewards at Old Smith Ranch is cancelled this month.

Questions about volunteering? Send an email to

Sign up to Volunteer

Nature Appreciation:

Caught On Camera

Nature Watch Wednesday has been sneakily watching wildlife thanks to a few of our friends with stealthy wildlife cameras. Click on through to see who was “Caught on Camera” last month.

You'll find them on the Nature Appreciation section of MLT's website, no login required!

Is it a rodent of unusual size?

How many thirsty kitties?

Ruts up with this photo?!

Life's a bear... especially when the weather is hot

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