News from the Parent Council
May 23, 2017
Dear MLWS Friends and Families,

With only three weeks remaining in the school year and the weather growing ever warmer, we are pleased to present the final Parent Council Newsletter of the school year. What a pleasure it was to be a part of the All-School Meeting last Tuesday evening and to witness the musical accomplishments of all of the students, Grades 1-8, at the Spring Music Share  on Friday evening. Please read on to learn more about what is unfolding within our school community…

Parent Council will continue work over the summer on some of this school year's projects, focusing on Welcome/New Families, "How-to" Binder and Enrollment Support committees. Please contact Brandi or Dana if you would like to get involved over the summer. This newsletter will take a break over the summer, and the Newsletter, Faculty Nourishment and Enchanted Walk committees will resume their work at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. Parent Council will also be distributing another survey at the beginning of the school year to help identify priorities among the college and the parent body. Thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm for our work, and have a wonderful summer!
Calendar of Events

Wednesday, May 24, 6pm: Fourth Grade Play
Please join us for our performance of “The Death of Baldur” in the MLWS Community Room.

Wednesday, May 31, 6pm: Fifth Grade Play
Please join us for our performance of “Gilgamesh” in the MLWS Community Room.

Friday, June 2, 9:30am: Sunflower Garden Parent/Child program's Picnic in the Park
The families in the Sunflower Garden Parent/Child program will gather at Hasbrouck Park for a picnic to celebrate and conclude their Spring session.

Monday June 5, 8:10-8:45 am: Community Coffee and Tea
There will be free coffee, tea, and baked goods for parents and staff on the porch of the building at 7 Innis Avenue. Stop by and have something to eat and drink, and stay and chat if you can! Please bring your own cup if possible. 

Friday, June 9, 10:30am: End-of-School-Year Work Share
Families, friends and the larger commnity are invited to this sampling of the students’ work, Grades 1-8, at St. Joseph’s Church Hall. Please do not arrive early, as the upper grades are responsible for setting up the seating, and the task is made more difficult when there are others present in the space. (Please note that all children must return to the school with their teachers following the work share, and the children will be dismissed from the school as usual!) 

Saturday, June 10, 11:00am: Eighth Grade Graduation
Please join us in celebrating our graduates in the Studley Theater at SUNY New Paltz.
A Peek Into the Classroom
From Mr. Neel:

The children in the Third Grade have been measuring Spring! Since the equinox, on March 20, we have kept track of the growing daylight hours, the rising temperature, and the budding leaves of the maple trees. Amazingly, the days are 2 1/2 hours longer than they were when we started; the temperature has risen more than 50°, and the green explosion of Spring has burst 700% in two months. Soon the children in the Third Grade will measure themselves and see how much they've grown over the year. This will entail an introduction to fractions, which is a great transition to Fourth Grade math.
From Ms. Gill:

These sunny days have ushered in many exciting events for the Fifth Grade. On the tail of our study of Greek history, we will soon embark on a journey to the Greek Pentathlon at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School in Vermont!  This is our coming-of-age celebration of grace, athleticism, sportsmanship and the upcoming independence of adolescence. We have spent weeks learning about the Greek Gods and myths, as well as about historical Greece and its cultivation of democracy, philosophy and the arts.  Meanwhile, the class is working very hard on our play - GILGAMESH. Please join us for a performance invoking our version of the oldest written story, on  Wednesday, May 31st (9 am and 6 pm) and on Thursday, June 1st (9 am).

From the Fundraising Committee 

The next Fundraising Committee meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 24, 5:30–6:30pm at the school. Please consider coming out to join this growing committee. There are many opportunities to help and it's lots of fun!  
We are pleased to inform you we presented a check in the amount of $250.00 to Family of New Paltz last week, which represents 5% of the proceeds raised by Spring Swing, our spring fundraiser held April 22nd. The check was presented to Icilma Lewis, Assistant Program Director of Family of New Paltz, by Spring Swing co-chairs Carly Fridlich and Patty Gandin.  Also present were Olivia Gandin (3rd), Dean Gandin (1st), Wyatt Gandin (K) and Mica Rickman (1st).

Please take a look at the chart above and notice your child(ren)'s class participation in the Annual Giving Campaign. Wouldn't it be great if we could bring that number up to 100%?  Annual giving is a way of showing how pleased we are with the growth, cohesiveness and accomplishments of the class and with the style, efforts and devotion of the teacher. It also has a significant impact on efforts to seek financial support from sources outside of the school, insofar as it is viewed as an indicator of community commitment and support. To learn more about the importance of the Annual Giving Campaign, please click here.

On the heels of the amazing Music Share we enjoyed this past weekend, please consider contributing to the Annual Giving Campaign. Any amount will move the class toward 100% so consider what amount feels right for you, and go to  and click on "Donate".
This past Monday, your child brought home an order form for our latest fundraiser, the Ultimate Discount Card. It not only raises funds for MLWS but also saves you money and supports local merchants. Purchase a discount card for $12 and enjoy discounts at your favorite stores and restaurants in New Paltz, such as The Main Course, Karma Road, Pegasus Shoes, PDQ Printing, Jack’s Meats & Deli and many others. Mountain Laurel receives 40% of the proceeds from the sale of the cards. The more cards are sold, the more money is raised, so please reach out to friends and family and give them the opportunity to purchase Ultimate Discount Cards too.  All orders must be  received by the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School office no later than June 1st.    
If you shop on Amazon, you have the opportunity to give .5% of every eligible purchase you make to Mountain Laurel Waldorf School. It’s simple -- go to and follow the instructions to register.  
Wish List
    Get Involved

2nd Grade:  
- Previously-sculpted beeswax for projects
- Bricks for playground use

- Printer for Third Floor Faculty Room. Do you have in your attic, basement or closet that’s no longer in use? Please consider donating it to MLWS! 

Parent Council:
No meetings until August/September 2017. Please contact Brandi or Dana to find out how to get involved between now and then.

Fundraising Committee:
Next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 24, 5:30–6:30pm at MLWS. Please attend and join this growing committee.  
Classified Listings
8th Grade Yearbooks!
Yearbooks are now on sale. Forms are available in the lobby of the school or you may order through the MLWS website. Cost: $30 per Yearbook; $25 for 2 or more.
Summer Camp Opportunities

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Summer Camp
Open to children ages 3-8, hosted by experienced Waldorf teachers. Two 1-week sessions: June 19-22, "Dream catchers, beeswax candles & bread," and June 26-29, "Silks, mosaics & more." Please check out the flyer for more information!

Art, Hands and Heart Imagine…Focus… Dream…
A summer program for kids ages 7-11, fostering joyfulness, creativity, play, and bringing the arts and spirit together, with Tricia McCloskey, Tobias Anderson & others. August 7-11, 2017. For more information, email, or visit this website.
Housing Sought
Mr. and Mrs. von Moritz are looking for a 2-3 bedroom house/apartment not more than 15 minutes from the school starting on July 15 at the latest. Any leads would be appreciated.

Mountain Laurel mom Meagan Shapiro, with her son (13yo), is seeking a house-share in New Paltz. Please contact her at or 917.509.2817. 

Sabina Kurz is seeking a home to rent for her son (9yo) and herself. Ideally in Gardiner or New Paltz area. Small house or cottage with garden or piece of land. Quiet and secluded, off the road preferred. Please contact

For Rent 

Private, quiet office space available in NP, a short walk to MLWS. Cozy corner office ideal for therapist, etc.  $495 includes off street parking and all utilities. For more information & photos:

For Sale 

Beautiful Everett upright piano in excellent condition. Tuned yearly and has great tone. Complete with matching seat and music books. $400. Located in Gardiner. Photos available on request. Contact Tenney 845-797-2079

Alesis Studio 24 mixer - $200
Washburn Rover travel guitar - $120
Mini Stratocaster copy guitar - $100
Tech 21 Sansamp GT2 guitar pedal - $100
MXR Phase 90 guitar pedal (vintage from 80’s) - $100
Handysitt Child Chair booster seat Beech/Black - $80
Alesis Multimix Cue 6 headphone amplifier - 6 inputs - $100
“From Silverpoint to Silver Screen:  ANDY WARHOL” by Daniel Blau, hardcover book, still shrink wrapped - $60
Contact James at 917-293-2600/

Items Sought

Kainoa McElroy (6th grade) would like to switch from playing tenor recorder to bass recorder. He is looking to either swap or purchase a pre-owned bass recorder and sell his tenor. Please contact with any leads. Thank you!

Employment Opportunities

Seeking Farm Administrator for organic, biodynamic farm starting in New Paltz. This is a rare and exciting opportunity for local creative thinker with good skills. Position includes a variety of administrative duties involved in starting and running a farm, PA to head farmer, and willingness to assist on farm if and when needed. Starts in September 2017. For more information, please  email Noam at

Adoption Fundraisers

We, the Morales family, are working to bring our girl home! You can help us in these ways:
1. Seeking donations for a June garage sale--now's a great time to clean out the garage!
2. Valentine & Wilder's Pet-Sitting --Experience with guinea pigs, cats, fish and turtles.
3. LOVEforMAEVE Etsy Shop: Waldorf Crafts with recently added Heavy Baby Waldorf dolls, butterfly cocoons, wool dryer balls and bookmarks!
4. Tax-free donations or to learn more:
Please contact me for more info:  Thank you!

Services Offered

Hearth to Hearth Bread Club CSA -- slow fermented, brick-oven baked, fresh bread from our hearth to yours. Sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pickup/delivery in Saugerties, Kingston, or New Paltz. Join the club! Any questions, email

House-sitting available -- My family and I (Lisa Hansen) will need to vacate our house due to repairs during the weeks of June 5th and 12th, or the weeks of June 12th and 19th. We will know exact dates soon. If anyone is away for any or all of this time, we'd be happy to look after your house and pets too. Please contact Lisa at or 845-430-4633.

Private Drum-Set Lessons For The Seriously Minded Studen -- Amir Ziv (Head of the Drum Department at New School University) is now offering students of all ages private lessons from his home studio in Kerhonkson.For more details and to set up a time to speak over the phone or in person please email:  To view Amir’s bio go to:

Private Car Service by Tim Curtis-Verderosa, for transportation to and from regional airports, medical appointments, same-day courier deliveries., 646-942-1488 

Ashley Sapir Lathrop is offering tutoring for children in reading and literacy skills.  She holds dual master’s degrees in elementary education and literacy, with certification in both areas.  Whether it is decoding, phonics, comprehension, fluency, or simply finding more comfort with literacy skills, Ashley finds fun and meaningful ways to help children shine. Ashley is available year round for tutoring, at an hourly rate of $60, and can be reached at (845)519-5067 or

Home Inspections: emfs, dirty electricity, radio frequency. Concerned about children’s cell phone or lap top use? Get protection from new electric meters. Get emf readings on prospective new homes. Learn about router signals. Create an emf free sleeping environment. Teach children about safe wireless use. Decrease overall field exposure. Measure offices, cars, dorms. Learn about resources. Public talks. Harrison Barritt,, 256-0446

Welcome Wellness MLWS parents Liz Duncan-Gilmour and Callie Hershey invite you to experience Ondamed® PEMF therapy. Liz and Callie founded Welcome Wellness after our children achieved remission from neurological Lyme Disease with the help of Ondamed® therapy. We are delighted to introduce MLWS parents and teacher Tim Curtis Verderosa and Nancy Hoose as our trained and certified Ondamed® Practitioners.  Our team has all benefitted from Ondamed® therapy's help managing the stress that accompanies caring for loved ones with chronic illness and boosting our immune systems. A one-hour session costs $75. MLWS families will receive 1 free session with purchase of 10. Visit:  or call (845) 288-3088 for more information.

Guitar and mandolin lessons with Steve Bernstein at his home in Gardiner, NY. Children, teens and adults are all welcome. Please call: 845 255 0822 or drop a note in his mailbox (2nd floor) at school.

Permaculture designs and landscapes created, installed and maintained by Andrew Faust and Adriana Magaña, suited to your vision and the ecology of your site. We use our 20+ years of experience and a great crew to bring you these services: Real Estate Assessment, Land Selection, Natural Building, Native Landscapes, Permaculture forest gardens, Biodynamic Orchard and Tree work, Organic Vegetable Gardens, Ponds and Solving water problems of all sorts. Contact us at 917-584-4588 or visit us at:

Traditional landscape paintings in oil – Tim Smith is offering private tuition for adults and 8th grade students in classical oil painting method. To organize a session around your or your child's schedule and needs, contact Tim at

Open Path BodyWork with Anton Sinatra LMT -- Intuitive sessions with attention and care for both the physical and etheric body. Deep tissue, Shiatsu, Cranio Sacral and more. 914-466-5012(text is best) **10% discount for MLWS Families**

Private, group and public yoga classes, Wedding officiant

Anthroposophical and Waldorf Educational Opportunities 

Center for Anthroposophy Renewal Courses: July 2-7, 2017 We are looking forward to another exciting summer of Renewal Courses on the beautiful campus of High Mowing School in Wilton, NH. Renewal Courses are created with the entire Waldorf School community in mind, including teachers, parents, grandparents, friends and the wider community! Our summer courses offer a special time for renewal and an opportunity to deepen your connection with friends old & new, with the arts & humanities, with many exciting subject areas, and with Anthroposophy. We hope to see you this summer! Here is a link to the course brochure:

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training classes
Every summer, BACWTT offers professional development and renewal through the arts programs open to the greater Waldorf community and the public. For more information and to register, please visit or email
·  Drama at the Heart of Our Curriculum (June 19-23, 2017)
·  Puppetry in the Grades (June 23-25. 2017)
·  Waldorf Teacher Rejuvenation (June 26-30, 2017)
·  Living in Color: Exploring Color Space Through Veil Painting (June 28-30, 2017)
·  Early Childhood Waldorf Teacher Rejuvenation (June 26-30, 2017)
·  Living in Color: Developing Soul Capacities Through Art (July 1-2, 2017)
·  Teacher Training Taster (July 5-7, 2017)
·  Reshaping Our World Through Story (July 5-7, 2017)
·  Creating a Curative Classroom (July 8-9, 2017)