October 10, 2019
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From the Headmaster
For the 2019-2020 School Year, our number #1 Goal is College and Career Readiness. Students will establish an empowered identity to envision a future for themselves, develop academic and professional skills and build knowledge to create post-secondary plans.
Summer Highlights
Jazmin Rodriguez. She shadowed a judge and competed in a mock trial against the Judicial Youth Corps students.  She played the role of prosecutor!
Over the summer, our partner PIC, was able to directly place over 25 students into the mayor’s summer jobs. Students worked at Mass General Hospital, Brigham & Womens, Beth Israel Hospital, Tufts Medical Center, Santander Bank, Umass Boston, and more. Many students also worked at various community centers and non-profits in Boston supporting elementary school student summer programs.

Jazmin Rodriguez  was chosen as a Nelson Law fellow this summer.
Jeison Santana  worked as an IT Specialist at Tufts Medical Center.
Steffani Castillo  worked as an Assistant Corporate Accountant at Santander B
Fatima Lemus  interned at Umass Boston’s Maker’s Space as an IT intern.
Yesenia Luna  worked in Accounts payable at Children’s Hospital
Darla Castaño  was selected as the only non -exam school student to be part of Harvard Medical School’s Project Success. She was the only researcher to give her presentation in both English and Spanish
Yunior Mora, Jovian Morales, Joshua Vega, Keisha Morilla, and Paula Castillo  were all camp counselors at various summer camps.

Extraordinary Expedition
Our new 9 th grade class and their Peer Leaders enjoyed the annual community- building camping trip during Sept. 16, 17 and 18. This year the Berkshires Outdoor Center was the site selected. This trip had the students discover nature in a very personal way - they played archery and other outdoor games that made them grow outside of their comfort zone. Since students were not allowed cell phones, they made friends with their peers and their new teachers. 
MMA Students at Youth Build, Boston
This program provides academic and technical experience that will help our young people gain the critical thinking skills and industry recognized certifications necessary to navigate a pathway to self-sufficiency. This program will not only provide students with skills training and knowledgeability about the building trades, but will provide opportunities for apprenticeships and opportunities to pursue college studies at Bunker Hill Community College, Roxbury Community College and/or at Wentworth Institute of Technology.
School Spirit
First School Wide Areyto!
Friday, the 13 th of September was the 1 st of what will be an ongoing tradition at the Muniz Academy. This 1 st Areyto (A Taino word for ceremonial coming together honoring heroic deeds) at MMA was to build community, in a fun and different way. On this beautiful September day, the entire school sat on the bleachers outside and participated in a teacher identification game using emojis. It was a great ice breaker. A discussion ensued wherein students acknowledged fears and recognized blessingsl MMA Shoutouts closed the session.