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  MMAC Pres. Newsletter Message,  February 2017

Well "Old Man Winter" got the best of us last month and caused the cancellation of our January meeting. Hopefully, we luck out this month for our next scheduled club meeting on Tuesday, February 28.  Since the meeting was cancelled at the last minute, we had to rely on using our Constant Contact email service to let everyone know. Make sure when you renew your membership for this year, that we have a valid email address. It's the only way we can quickly reach the membership in situations like this.
Speaking of membership, since we cancelled our January meeting, the Executive Committee has extended the deadline for discounted early membership renewals. To receive the discount, we need to have your renewal with dues payment by February 28, 2017. In addition, we'll start handing out new membership cards on the 28 th and if you turn in your gate key, we'll issue a new key to you for 2017. All the more reason to attend the next meeting.
The indoor flying sessions continue to be a smash hit at the Milford Youth Center (MYC). Unfortunately, due to long-awaited knee surgery, I wasn't able to attend the last event on February 10 th. I'm currently in the recuperating mode and hopefully I'll be up and around for our next indoor fly scheduled next month.
Included in the agenda for our next club meeting, we'll be discussing the scheduling of some fun events along with our usual Winter Build Night coming up in April and the Milford Day in October. Come ready with your calendars so we can make arrangements that will meet most everyone's approval.
I think I mentioned in one of my last messages that I was hoping to be able to fly off snow this winter. I have a plane all ready to go with skis but my knee says otherwise. Oh well. There's always hope for another storm once I'm up and around in a few weeks. I can just hear the groans out there. Why does he want to have more snow? If you've never flown off of snow, try it sometime. It's a blast. Better yet, your runway gets much bigger! Besides, hard landings tend to be a little more forgiving.
I'm turning base to final so before I land this message, I want to encourage everyone to come out to our next meeting. It's rumored that a certain someone will be doing a short discussion on the proper way of charging and storing Lipo batteries. Watch your six!
Mickey Callahan 

Vice President's Report
February 2017

Mid-winter greetings to one and all.

I know that I am getting as tired as you are in seeing high winds and heavy snows in the forecast.  As a result, I have been spending my time working on my Winter Project instead of getting stick time at Bill Martin Field.  I have also been enjoying the excellent indoor flying we have enjoyed at the Milford Youth Center.  If you haven't come down to see the show, you are missing a really fun time.
As I write this, we are looking at a warm weekend with mild temperatures and I am looking forward to bringing my float planes out to Bill Martin Field and flying off the snowpack.  I swung by earlier today, February 17, 2017, and the field access road is somewhat accessible, as long as you have four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive in your vehicle.
February meeting is usually our key swap night, and I am hoping that I can get that taken care of and pass on my intentions to our sister club, the Charles River Radio Controllers in time to make the key swap practical.
Keep working on your winter project night projects, as that's going to be held during our April meeting.  And also try to come up with some good planes for the rest of our indoor flying season, because you really should not miss out on all of the fun.
 Respectfully, John Holcomb, Vice President MMAC.

Club Schedule
The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion Hall in Millis starting at 7:30pm Feb 28, 2017.

Feb 28 Meeting is Key night/Card night.

Apr 25 Meeting is Winter Build night.

Apr 29 is Field Cleanup day 9:00am

Indoor Fly Schedule
@ Milford Youth Center
Friday Mar 3 rd ,
Friday Apr 7 th ,


Secretary Report MMAC meeting of January/2017

Old Business
  • indoor flying December and January well attended and successful
  • training aircraft
  • Scotty gave me 4 $50.00 gift certificates that we not used for Milford day/Banquet.  Passed along to Jamie

New Business        
  • Dues for next year - same
  • Junior membership free for 1 year
  • Membership limit 150
  • Officers for next year:
Pres - Mickey
VP    - John H. 
Tres - Jamie M. 
Sec  - Mark S.
Milford youth center back on line (finally). Rates have increased. Scott has details; perhaps an education program up and running. Scotty will provide details at next meeting.

   Recurring Old Business

Town of MF has vision paper online for hospital
Standing Item - Take your own trash out

Standing item - Gate policy - Open and locked is now the official policy

Standing item - Contest Directors to schedule Fun flies need more contest directors
As more and more people use the old hospital grounds 
  • good neighbor policy 

T reasurer's report for January.

Starting Balance                   $1288.26

    Deposits                            $895.00 (club dues)
    Total Income                      $895.00
Technologies 2010    $45.90
    Total Expenditures

Total checking                      $2137.36
CD                                        $2097.37
Grand total                          $4234.73

The Millis Model Aircraft Club is an AMA chartered club located southwest of Boston, MA and is dedicated to everyone's enjoyment of this exciting, fulfilling hobby. We come from all walks of life and range in age from 8 to 84. We always encourage new whether you're thinking about purchasing your first plane or a seasoned pilot looking for a new experience...   email us here to request more info about MMAC or a membership application.

The Millis Model Aircraft Club Executive Board 2017

President Mickey Callahan

Vice President John Holcomb

Secretary Mark Schultz 

Treasurer Jamie McDonough

                        A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR
  Hi Guy's;

The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion Hall In Millis starting at 7:30pm Feb. 28, 2017**.

We are making an effort to improve our social media exposure to reach more potential new members. The Facebook page has been stagnant for a while and will be updated in the coming months to highlight the club's activities. 

Link for MMRC 2017 Membership Application and latest AMA membership in the Quick Links section....

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