Volume XIII | January 4, 2021
January Newsletter

Happy New Year! Here's hoping there will be more live music in our lives in 2021 - safely, soon.

January is full of deadlines. If you have missed our December newsletter, here are some that are coming up:

  • Jan 5: Application deadline to the 4th MMAMTA/Odyssey Aria & Concerto Competition. For PDF application and information: https://www.odysseymissouri.org/concerto-competition.html (All pre-collegiate instrumentalists and vocalists). Online submission to "atsuruta@aol.com" is acceptable with fee(s) submitted by Paypal.
  • Jan 10, 3pm: The 4th MMAMTA/Odyssey Aria & Concerto Competition - Participants and their families only; closed to the public.
  • Jan 15, 11am: *Note the date change to Friday* Winter MMAMTA business mtg has been changed to Friday, January 15 at 11am-12pm via Zoom,  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86367838558. (A group picture will be taken!) If you require a full invitation, please let me know. Scroll below for agenda. Please join us if you are interested!
  • Sorry, the annual Teacher's Recital has been cancelled this year.
  • Jan 20: Registration deadline for the Federated Junior Festival (Gold Cup) auditions (Theory, Concerto, all pre-collegiate instrumentalists and vocalists)
  • Feb 15-Mar 1 (mostly): Application deadline for collegiate auditions (Composition, Dance, music, etc) https://www.nfmc-music.org/competitionscategory/student-collegiate-division/
  • MFMC Junior Festivals in Jefferson City is...?
  • Feb 26, 27, Mar 1: Missouri Federated Music Festivals auditions in Columbia

Looking forward to seeing you at the Winter Meeting, if not before.

Ayako Tsuruta
MMAMTA President
AGENDA (Draft) for MMAMTA Winter Business Mtg
January 15, 2021 - Friday 11am

  1. Pre-Collegiate Concerto Competition Review & post-Support Request
  2. Musicathon 2021 - Because Federation is scheduled 2/26-27 & 3/1, we may need to change the fundraiser dates to 2/21 or 2/13 weekend in Columbia. Jefferson City coordinator - Jan Houser. Columbia coordinator - TBA. Format - Virtual or in person (Maybe Jerry's?) If Virtual, video compilation (need a volunteer to do this - very time consuming) or Live Zoom (probably the most practical)? An idea: Socially distanced performance at a venue (1 student and his/her family and a teacher at a time) and Zoom from the venue if the host is willing. Or maybe Facebook Live preferred for exposure to the public?
  3. Fundraiser Plan B: Spring Virtual Auction? Will need an organizer for this, but this is usually well received. (MOSY raised over $6000 in August. In the past, First Baptist Church's Child Development Center has raised over $2000.) Suggestions of donated baked goods, recycled unwanted gifts, gift cards to your favorite restaurants, lessons, accompaniment, etc.
  4. Scholarship Auditions 2021 - Chairperson TBA. Judge nomination will be made.
  5. Spring Luncheon Mtg 2021 on May 27 (probably contingent on the Piano Guild auditions)
  6. New President beginning June 2021 (Renan Leme). VP nomination?
  7. Diane Hidy 2021 Fall Workshop - Maybe consider Spring or Fall 2022 instead? (Ayako will need to notify MMTA for another extension. We may lose a year.)

Share Your (or Your Student's) Music Video!
This is a video my husband, pianist Peter Miyamoto and I collaborated in performing Leroy Anderson / Greg Anderson arrangement for two pianos, "Sleigh Ride: A Holiday Excursion." Check out our COVID hair... (laugh). We lack editorial skills and equipment, so all the Holiday series videos (including the Nutcracker Suite movement) were taken in one take with two cameras. (They were a little more work than we had imagined.) You can view the complete Playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv4O8SuBdyo&list=PLfSrYSi-Un7scd4_JRG5X4AKF51bdyMYA

Do you have a video of yourself or your student(s) you would like to share? I will be happy to include one or two videos every newsletter. *Disclaimer* The videos are to be circulated within our MMAMTA membership only; you need to directly ask the performers for permission to share elsewhere.
PDF Application is now available online: https://www.odysseymissouri.org/concerto-competition.html