January 2023 Newsletter

Dear MMAMTA members,


Happy New Year! I hope you had a relaxing break and had a chance to recharge your energy for this new year ahead of us.


This Sunday, January 8th will be the annual Odyssey Pre-Collegiate Aria/Concerto Competition. It will take place at the First Baptist Church of Columbia at 3:00 PM. I’m wishing good luck to all students participating and I’m looking forward to it!


On January 13th (Friday) at 9:30 will be the “Share the Rep” for piano teachers at the Tsuruta-Miyamoto Piano Studio, located at 2713 Burrwood Dr, Columbia, MO 65203.


Also on January 13th (Friday) at 11:00 AM will be our winter meeting at the Tsuruta-Miyamoto Piano Studio.


Here is a note from Ayako:


“9:30am: Upon arrival, please use the basement walk-out entrance to the right side of the house.

11am: Enter from the front door of the house.

Please note, we have a no-shoes indoors policy; slippers will be provided.”


I will not be able to make it in person to the meeting, but I will join it via zoom. If you are participating either in person or via zoom, RSVP via email to reisleme.renan@gmail.com


I’ll send more information about the Winter Meeting in a separate email.


As a reminder, the deadline for Federation will be on January 18th (Wednesday).


For upcoming events, visit:








I’m looking forward to a wonderful new year ahead of us!




Renan Leme

President of MMAMTA

Director of Orchestras, Hickman High School

Violinist, Missouri Symphony

Owner and Violinist at Leme Ensemble

2022-2023 MMAMTA Handbook

PDF Download from https://www.mmamta.org/members.html

Password is "MusicalEducation"

~ Audition Opportunities ~


There will be an audition for Plowman Master Class in March to identify one pre-collegiate instrumentalist in each master classes given by the three judges, for piano, cello, horn, and/or chamber group. The student must be available Friday, March 24, when the piano and cello master classes are scheduled to take place after noon. (Horn TBA)

More details in the MMAMTA's February newsletter.

The 10th Plowman Chamber Music Competition in Columbia

  • $5000 Grand Prize and Odyssey Series Concert in 2023-2024 Season ($2000+)
  • At least two complete, contrasting works and 30-min of program on YouTube
  • Open to 3-6 ensemble members
  • Age limit: 39 inclusive, as of Mar 25, 2023
  • Live Audition: March 25, 2023 at the First Baptist Church of Columbia (FBC)
  • Finals: March 26, 2023 at the Missouri Theatre
  • Apply:  www.plowmancompetition.org/application.html

~ Concerts & Performances ~

Next Odyssey Chamber Music Series, Season 19 event is MMAMTA co-sponsored "Pre-Collegiate Aria/Concerto Competition" held at First Baptist Church of Columbia.

Admission is free! Come support your friends in person, or tune into our YouTube channel.