Each year, the Marine Mammal Commission holds its annual meeting in a different region of the country to examine regional issues, as well as priority topics at the national and global levels. We hope you can join us at the Marine Mammal Commission’s 2019 Annual Meeting from May 21-23 in Kona, Hawaii. At our annual meeting, which is open to the public, we will engage with other federal agencies, stakeholders, and interested members of the public on the science, policy, and management issues related to the Hawaiian Islands and the wider Pacific region. Some specific examples include discussion of: human interactions with spinner dolphins, conservation of Hawaiian monk seals, impact of bycatch on false killer whales and other odontocetes, and the status of the humpback whale population around the Hawaiian Islands and Southeast Alaska. A new draft agenda of the meeting and details on the meeting venue are available on our website, webinar details to be posted soon (no registration required) .