The Marine Mammal Commission held its annual meeting in Kona, Hawai`i with a focus on the marine mammal science and management issues of the Hawaiian Islands and wider Pacific region. Presentations and session summaries are available on our 2019 Annual Meeting webpage , along with audio recordings of the sessions. Participants (in person and online) were encouraged to engage in the discussions following each session. The meeting opened with an overview of the region’s oceanography and marine mammal species and stocks, followed by sessions on spinner dolphins, Hawaiian monk seals, false killer whale and other odontocete fishery interactions, humpback whales and issues of the wider Pacific region. Presenters and panelists from federal and state agencies, fishermen, businesses, and NGOs represented a broad spectrum of interests. Our annual meetings illustrate the Commission’s unique ability, as a non-regulatory oversight agency, to convene a wide range of stakeholders to discuss some of the difficult challenges we face in aligning the needs of people with the conservation of marine mammals.