Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program
Sample Jar Guidance

This communication is to assist licensees by providing guidance on sample jars. The Ohio Department of Commerce is not requiring licensees to submit the sample jars for approval. However, licensees should ensure that the sample jars meet the following requirements to avoid issues at dispensaries:

  • The free sample must be in a sample jar protected by a plastic or metal mesh screen.
  • The sample must not include more than three grams of plant material.
  • The sample jar must include a label with the following information:
  • Name of cultivator
  • Name of product
  • Product ID
  • Cannabinoid content from corresponding laboratory analysis
  • Transportation of a sample jar that contains sampled product must still adhere to all pertinent transportation rules.
  • Before the sample jar can be returned to a cultivator, the sample must be destroyed by the dispensary. It is recommended that the sample jar be sanitized by the cultivator before reuse. 

Cultivator Operational Guidance

Please review the following document for additional guidance regarding options for cultivators to prepare plant material for sample collection by testing laboratories.

New Compliance Inbox

Please direct the following communications to MMCPcompliance@com.ohio.gov:

  • Incident reports, using the form found here, for any of the following:
  • Surveillance equipment failure
  • Security breach
  • Law enforcement responses
  • Any notifications required by O.A.C. 3796:5-4
  • General questions about O.R.C./O.A.C. 3796 and compliance issues
  • Variance requests
  • Requests to schedule an inspection
  • Provisional license extension requests

Please continue to send any communications regarding your license, fees, and employee registrations to MMCPlicensing@com.ohio.gov