SEO Case Study
The world of online marketing is one where your website will be left behind if you don't keep up. Gone are the days where you put your industry's keywords and list of cities in your target market on your website and you show up on the first page of Google, Bing & Yahoo!

Now, you have many moving pieces these days, including Listing Directories, Google Ads, Display Ads, and the most important one, Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) All of these help, but SEO is the foundation of your online marketing and it needs constant attention, tweaking and new content.

If done correctly, you can even eliminate or reallocate some of your marketing budget and try new campaigns. For example, numerous times, we have eliminated a client's Google Ad spend and focused on SEO where we have increased leads or brought in higher quality leads.

Here is an SEO Case Study we did, which will give you an idea of the results we created. As you will see, it is not an overnight fix but should be part of your long-term marketing strategy.

If you are interested, I can run a free SnapShot Report on your website and show you where you need help optimizing your website. You can correct the issues yourself, or we can handle it for you. Whatever you do, make sure you are spending time each week optimizing your website.

Allen Jernigan, CEO
My Marketing Department, Inc

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Outside-the-Box Benefits for Employees
The times have definitely changed during "The Great Resignation" and here are some ideas to consider while looking to attract new or retain great employees. Personally, our vote is for bringing pets to work.

Today’s tight job market makes it imperative for small businesses to offer an array of benefits to employees. Many benefits are commonly offered…health care, retirement plans, and dependent care assistance. But employers may need to go beyond the basics and consider other benefits. Doing so won’t necessarily be expensive. Here are some additional benefits to consider:
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