January 2021

Even with hybrid learning at the time we still included our mountain students in the cooking process and building process of completely a gingerbread house.

Thank you to all our Thunderbolts for participating in our first Spirit Week of the school year. It was great to see all the creativity and enjoyment of dressing up. Thank you to StuGov for arranging our Winter Spirit Week.
Happy New Year from the Counseling Center!
Classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024:
The counseling department will be officially rolling out SchooLinks this winter. All students will need to log on to their accounts and do some activities in order to complete their ECAP by the end of the year. Go to and use your google account to log in.

Registration for the 2021-22 school year is happening at the beginning of next month for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. It is a two-day process for each grade level. On the first day, we deliver a transcript to each student and do credit checks to make sure every student is aware if they are on track to graduate or are missing classes necessary to graduate. We then discuss the courses they have available to choose from to register for classes. On the second day, the students will actually log on to PowerSchool and select requests for the classes they hope to get for the following school year. This will be for both in-person hybrid and remote students. Below is the tentative schedule for pre-registration.

Day 1:
February 3rd (Thunder) and 4th (Bolt and Mountain groups)
Modified bell schedule:
  • Period 1 - 9th grade
  • Period 2 – 10th grade
  • Period 3 – 11th grade

Day 2:
Junior Registration (2022) dates in US History Classes:
  • February 8th (Thunder) and 9th (Bolt and Mountain)

Sophomore Registration (2023) dates in Biology Classes:
  • February 17th (Thunder) and 18th (Bolt and Mountain)

Freshman Registration (2024) dates in World History Classes
  • February 22nd (Thunder) and 23rd (Bolt and Mountain)

A course catalog will be available on the website soon. Additionally, a letter will be going home to parents of students who took the PSAT last fall if their student has a good chance of passing an AP class based on their PSAT score.

Mica Mountain High School's first yearbook can now be purchased for $65. It covers 120 pages about Mica Mountain's students, staff, academic, and athletic programs, clubs, activities, and events. Click on the link below to purchase your yearbook.

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I welcomed 2021 with open arms! Although it was a challenging year, to say the least, this month’s dare focuses on changing your mindset and recording your family's accomplishments from last year. You just may be surprised at what your family accomplished! Let 2021 be a year of change!

**As a reminder, each Dare utilizes the C.A.R.E model, (Conversation starters, Acts of kindness, Recreation and rest, and Expression of love) and lets you know what the area of focus is.** 
College Bound Bolts
Preparing for College Admissions During a Pandemic

Even during the best of times, preparing for college can be a somewhat stressful endeavor. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised normal levels of stress a few notches higher. Students and parents can rest a little easier knowing that college admissions personnel are taking our present-day challenges into consideration and making changes accordingly. They are aware that test centers around the country have either closed or canceled exams during the past year. Rest assured that many colleges are now making “test-optional” admissions decisions.

In fact, the test-optional movement has been going on since about 2005 and there are now more than 800 colleges and universities that participate. For a list of colleges that have adopted test-flexible policies please check the following website: Colleges on this list base their admissions criteria primarily on students’ high school curriculum, grade point average (GPA), and class rank if available. They then examine the more personal aspects of your application. They will examine things like students’ personal statements, activity involvement, demonstrated interests, and recommendation letters.

Keep in mind, that although many more colleges and universities are choosing to become test-optional, it is still a good idea to take tests like the ACT and/or SAT if they are available to you. While many more colleges are not basing admissions on these tests, there are still many scholarships that continue to use standardized test scores as a major part of their selection criteria. Therefore, it is advisable to take these tests if you are able to test safely. Generally speaking, good test scores provide students with advantages in both admissions and scholarship consideration.

Students should continue to get ready for standardized tests as they normally would, by participating in test preparation activities and taking practice tests. Most importantly, students should maintain focus on building a strong transcript with excellent grades, and a high school resume that shows strong classroom, school, and community involvement. By doing these things, students will make themselves a more competitive college applicant who is intellectually prepared for college.

Dainah L. Graham
TASA Counselor

MMHS Parent Teacher Organization
Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great break!

Thank YOU!
Thank you for all of the generous holiday donations and gift cards! We are so grateful.
We would also like to thank everyone who signed up for our staff holiday luncheon. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We look forward to hosting our wonderful staff in the near future!

Meeting Update:
Our January meeting has been cancelled. Please join us for our next meeting: Tuesday, February 1 at 6 PM via Zoom.

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