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It was a great morning on December 11th, 2021 for the 16th annual Vail Jingle Trail. For the first time, Mica Mountain High School and Mica Mountain Cross Country hosted this historic community event. Over 140 toys were donated to Toys For Tots (from registered runners), over 40 kids ran Santa's Little Helper 1k, and over 200 participants ran the 5k. While Cross Country athletes cheered on participants from across the entire home Cross Country course, Mr. Penland rocked the announcements and played both holiday favorites and rock ballads from the 80s. Big thank yous go out to Steve and Liz Taggart who are the original creators of the Jingle Trail and precious to our community, the Vail School District Transportation Department, Vail Governing Board Member Chris King (and his friend Santa Claus), Chapman Automotive, Pyramid Credit Union, Performance Footwear, Arby's, Walmart, F45 Fitness, OnYourLeft timing, Mica Mountain Administration, the Mica Mountain Parent Teacher Organization, and of course the Mica Mountain Cross Country parents and supporters. Our team invites you to come run our course next year for what will continue to be a fantastic tradition!"

READY TO SEE THE WORLD?? Click here for more information regarding the trip and RSVP to the meeting on Tuesday, January 25th at 6:00 PM in rm. 501.
For more information please contact Ms. Rivera at
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February 6th.

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For questions please contact Yearbook Advisor Juanita Mari.
Your Thunderbolt Cheerleaders recently competed at the AIA Game Day competition and qualified for the State Championship! After a long day of competition performances, they placed 6th in the State in the Division III Game Day State Championship. Our All-Girl Stunt Team will attempt to qualify for the State Championship on January 15, 2022. If they qualify, they will compete for the All-Girl Stunt State Championship on March 12, 2022.
The Value of the AP Capstone Experience
When asked what qualities are valued in incoming students, many college admissions personnel frequently refer to the seven Cs: collaboration, commitment, character, curiosity, creativity, challenge, and cultural intelligence. Students often find that it is difficult to present these qualities through their transcripts, high school resumes, and personal statements. One way to easily demonstrate all of these qualities and really stand out to colleges is through participation in the AP Capstone program. The AP Capstone program demonstrates to colleges that you have gained highly-valued college-level academic, collaborative, and research skills that many college professors and admissions personnel are seeking from incoming students.
AP Capstone graduates are skilled at:
  1. Analyzing topics through different lenses for greater meaning or understanding
  2. Planning and conducting a study/investigation
  3. Proposing solutions to real-world problems
  4. Collaborating to solve a problem
  5. Planning and producing communication
  6. Integrating, synthesizing, and making cross-cultural connections

What is the AP Capstone program?
Schools must be approved by the AP Program before they can offer the AP Capstone Diploma program and we are fortunate to be able to offer the program here at Mica Mountain High School. We have two outstanding teachers who will guide you through the program. Mr. Farr teaches AP Seminar and Mrs. Farr teaches AP Research. Both have had experiences guiding students through some amazing research projects in the past.
AP Capstone is a diploma program that has been around since 2014. This program signifies that you have completed a certain set of requirements in high school to earn an advanced diploma. (This is in addition to your basic high school diploma.) While participating in the AP Capstone program students are required to take the two foundation courses that are required for the AP Capstone program, AP Seminar (junior year) and AP Research (senior year). In order to earn the AP Capstone Diploma students must complete a total of four additional AP courses of their choice during their time in high school.  Students must receive a 3 or higher on all of their AP exams to receive the AP Capstone Diploma.
Students who choose to take only AP Research and AP Seminar and receive scores of 3 or higher on both exams, will receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate. Students who receive scores of 3 or higher in AP Research and AP Seminar, but don't take four other AP classes will earn the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.
Mica Mountain students who participate in the program will not have to complete the traditional senior exit project. Your AP Capstone project is your senior exit project!

You can learn more about the AP Capstone program here:
You can also learn more about this program by contacting Mr. Farr, Mrs. Farr, or your counselor.

Dainah L. Graham
TASA Counselor
The Students Against Trafficking Club led a supply drive in the fall to collect items for survivors of human trafficking. The club members were able to deliver the over 400 items collected to the Phoenix Dream Center, a shelter for trafficking survivors. While there, they were able to tour the facility and work on a service project, which involved creating artwork and holiday ornaments for the residents at the shelter. The Mica Mountain Art Club also contributed to this effort, by making inspiring cards to pass on to the residents.  
Curriculum & Assessment Corner
Welcome to our new school-wide instructional and assessment location of the newsletter! This is where you’ll be able to find important dates that are coming up, blurbs of information regarding components related to your students’ needs, and big picture elements for testing on campus.

Class of 2022
Senior Exit Project Due Dates
Jan. 14th - 3 Career Studies Due 
Jan. 28th - Portfolio Due
Feb 11th - Presentations Due
Mar. 1st & 2nd - Presentations Presented to panel  

Class of 2023
Jan. 11th - Practice ACT in the Peak
Jan. 16th - Introduction to Senior Exit Project 
Feb. 22nd & 23rd - Reading and Math Benchmarks
April, TBD - ACT Test 
April, TBD - Senior Exit Project Parent Night  

Class of 2024
Feb. 22nd & 23rd - Reading and Math Benchmarks
April, TBD - Pre-ACT Test 

Class of 2025
Feb. 22nd & 23rd - Reading and Math Benchmarks
April, TBD - ACT Aspire Test 

Mica Mountain will be hosting 2022 Southeast Region Honor Choir Auditions on January 21, 2022, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. 
Call time is 3:40 pm in concert black in the fine arts building main hallway where you will register for sight-reading and solos.

Please see Mrs. Mischel during lunches if you'd like extra help to prepare.
Happy 2022! Oftentimes when a new year comes around we like to make New Year’s Resolutions based on areas in our life we want to improve. It is always good to set goals, however I challenge you to alter your perspective and look back at all the things your family has accomplished this year. As leaders we must remember to reflect and celebrate the successes we had last year. This month’s challenge encourages you to do just that. You may be surprised at what your family has accomplished! 

**As a reminder, each Dare utilizes the C.A.R.E model, (Conversation starters, Acts of kindness, Recreation and rest, and Expression of love) and lets you know what the area of focus is.** 

Happy New Year from the Counseling Center!

Class of 2022:
The first graduating class of Mica Mountain High School is on May 26, 2022 in our football stadium. Caps and gowns and announcements should be arriving soon. They will be delivered to campus and we will inform you when those dates will be.
To do list:
  • Fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible. Every year money does not get disbursed due to families thinking they don’t qualify. The process has been simplified over the years and it is worth the time to complete the application. Go to to apply.
  • Stay focused. This semester will go by quickly and senioritis kicks in for many. We want no empty seats at our ceremony, so check PowerSchool regularly and keep in contact with teachers so there will be no surprises in May.
  • The Senior Exit Project will be completed by Spring Break, be sure all components are done by the due dates listed on the website.
Classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025:
Registration for the 2022-23 school year is happening at the beginning of next month for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. It is a two-day process for each grade level. On the first day, we deliver a transcript to each student and do credit checks to make sure every student knows if they are on track to graduate or are missing credits necessary to graduate. We then discuss the courses they have available to choose from to register for classes. On the second day, the students will actually log on to PowerSchool and select requests for the classes they hope to get for the following school year. Below is the tentative schedule for pre-registration.
Day 1:
CTE Crawl and Registration
Modified bell schedule will be shared later
  • 9:05 AM in the Peak – 11th grade
  • 10:40 AM in the Peak -10th grade
  • 11:45 AM in the Peak - 9th grade
Day 2:
Junior Registration (2023) dates in US History Classes:
  • February 2nd
Sophomore Registration (2024) dates in Biology Classes:
  • February 3rd
Freshman Registration (2025) dates in World History Classes
  • February 4th (Thunder) and 23rd (Bolt and Mountain)
A course catalog will be available on the website soon.
SPRING: Baseball, Softball, and Track & Field, and Boys/Girls Golf

It’s not too early to sign up for Spring Sports. Click on the link to sign up at

If you have any questions please contact Terri Smith, Athletics Secretary.
MMHS Parent Teacher Organization
Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a fantastic break! We are looking forward to another great semester! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2022!

Upcoming Events:
January 13th: High School Choice Night, 5-7 PM (PTO table)
January 19th: McDonald’s McPTO Fundraising Night, 5-7 PM (Rita Ranch location)
January 29th: MMHS Smoke Out (More information to follow)
February 1st: PTO Meeting, 6 PM
February 9th: College & Career Fair, 9 AM-1 PM/Half-Day/Conferences/Staff Luncheon March 1st-3rd: SEP presentations
January 19th: McDonald’s McPTO Fundraising Night, 5-7 PM (Rita Ranch location)
January 29th: MMHS Smoke Out (More information to follow)

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