November 2020
CareDox is now SchoolCare
We wanted you to know that CareDox has changed its name to SchoolCare. The only difference you will notice is the look and feel of the EHR software. Your login to the application will remain the same. Over the course of the next 90 days, they will migrate our application to the new URL. For additional information about SchoolCare, please Click Here.

The deadline to pay for AP exams is November 10th! All students taking the AP exam, must log on to their MyAP account and register for the test through College Board AND also pay $95.00 in the Spirit Store.
Class of 2022: Assess the Possibilities
  • Information regarding the ASVAB test will be coming soon.
  • Continue updating your account. It is important to update your achievements and volunteer hours regularly so you have an accurate resumé upon graduation.
  • Utilize websites and apps for the phone for test prep for the ACT and SAT.
  • Communicate with your teachers if you need assistance in any class.

Class of 2023: Focus on the Goal
  •    Update your portfolio on
  •    Stay active in clubs or sports and start seeking out leadership roles.
  •    Communicate with your teachers if you assistance in any class.
Class of 2024: Make a Commitment to Graduate
  • Focus on your academics and give forth the effort to excel in every class.
  • Communicate with your teachers if you need assistance in any class.

Parents/Guardians if you have not yet completed the Federal Impact Aid Survey for your student, please click on the PowerSchool link below or download the survey and scan it or fax it. Please only use one method.

Rachel Brandt or FAX 520-879-3801.

Your cooperation is appreciated!

It’s hard to believe November is already here and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. In our leadership course we often begin the class period with an “Attitude of Gratitude,” where students share what they are grateful for. This month we invite your family to complete another Family Dare, which focuses on being grateful.   

**As a reminder, each Dare utilizes the C.A.R.E model, (Conversation starters, Acts of kindness, Recreation and rest, and Expression of love) and lets you know what the area of focus is.**
VSD Approved SchooLinks
The Vail School District Governing Board has approved the purchase of SchooLinks for our students. It is a modern college and career readiness platform that is fun and interactive for students and parents. To quote the brochure it states, “SchooLinks supercharges college and career readiness programs by providing fun and personalized experiences to students and families. The platform streamlines all post secondary planning activities from career interest inventories to post-secondary outcome tracking.” Counselors are getting trained this month and we should be rolling it out in January. We are extremely excited to introduce this to our students and their families.
College Bound Bolts
Virtual College Tours

College success is largely influenced by college fit, and college visits are an important component of determining college fit. Many students go off to college only to discover that the college they chose to attend is not the right one for them. It may be too large or too small. It may not have the right courses or enough extracurricular outlets. They may find it difficult to connect with other students or faculty. When students don’t feel their college is a good fit for them, they are more likely to stumble academically or socially or even drop out, and that is an expensive proposition. With all of the demands of preparing for college, taking entrance exams, building college lists and completing applications, the importance of college visits is sometimes not prioritized. Therefore, it is very important for students to research colleges thoroughly before they make their final choice.

One of the best ways to determine if a college is a good fit is through college visits. By visiting multiple schools, students can make valuable comparisons and gain insight on what kind of environment they are looking for. Traditional college visits can be expensive, time-consuming and during our current pandemic they may even be prohibited on many campuses. Fortunately, most campuses now offer virtual visits. Many of these visits will not only allow students to visit the campus, classrooms, and dorms. Many schools now offer virtual “campus days” where students can meet administrators, or talk directly to professors and student ambassadors.

It is never too early to start conducting college tours, they can be done from freshman through senior year of high school or even earlier. In fact, an early start gives students the advantage in preparing for admission to their chosen college. The following links will direct students who are currently exploring colleges to a wide variety of virtual college tours.

You Visit

ACT Go on a College Tour

Finding Your College Fit

Dainah L. Graham, M.S., M.Ed. 
TASA Counselor
MMHS Parent Teacher Organization
Annual Holiday Food Drive:
Each holiday season, St. Rita’s in the Desert distributes holiday food baskets to those in need in our Vail, Rita Ranch and Corona de Tucson Community. Last year, over 600 families were able to enjoy a delicious holiday meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the Holiday Basket program. We are asking your help to fill these baskets! Items requested include Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Cornbread mix, Cranberry Sauce, Green Beans, Corn, Yams/Sweet Potatoes, Gravy and Brownies, and/or $10 gift cards to one of the local grocery stores as each basket is provided a gift card to purchase their holiday turkey. Or make a donation on line CLICK HERE All donations are greatly appreciated! 

Find us on Facebook: Mica Mountain PTO for information about how to join the PTO, meetings, news, and while you’re there, check out our current Thunderbolt Jewelry Fundraiser! 
To access our volunteer application on our district website you can click here. 
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