October 2020

The Mica Mountain Cross Country team is officially in full swing: practices have been going for two weeks now and the team is approaching their first meets next week. Cross Country is a tough sport! Not a lot of people would volunteer to go outside in the hot Tucson sun 5-6 days a week in often greater than 100 degree weather! However, your MMXC team is doing it! As the original founders of the program, the athletes are carving out unique ways to make lasting memories. From the all together warmup routines, exploring new trails around Mica, to even tie-dying socks together, the team is building confidence and enthusiasm. 

One of our athletes, freshman Connor Grusendorf has been running since early June in preparation for the season. Just when things were starting to take off Connor noticed a nagging pain, and although most would run through it, Connor took the time to analyze his situation. Here’s some words of wisdom from a promising young Mica Mountain Cross Country athlete that you’ll be hearing a lot from in the future:

"Over the past 3 years, running has drastically influenced, changed, and shaped my life into becoming a better version of myself. For me, running became a lifestyle; one where I was able to use the optimistic camaraderie, challenges and successes of running to drive positive changes throughout my life. Although this all seems cringey and cliche, I really truly believe that the changes that I made in my life came from me seeing how much was possible with running. The thing about running though, is that there are so many difficult challenges, both mentally and, as many people know, also physically. I've had both of these types of challenges on many, many occasions, but I have now been burdened with my biggest hurdle yet. Being injured and completely benched from most things using my feet, I've had to learn how to respond when things start heading south and there's nothing I can do about it. During this period of time I've learned to always, always stay positive. Sometimes being respectful and nice isn't easy, actually it very rarely is, but it can transform your outlook on things and can help you get through difficult challenges.”

As the team prepares for their meets, they have learned there is so much to be thankful for. Cross Country makes you really appreciate shade, cool water, even a little breeze. If you know a runner on our campus, wish them well in their first meet on October 7th against Empire! GO BOLTS!

CTE at Mica Mountain High School

Here at Mica Mountain we have five different CTE Programs on our campus Culinary/ Hospitality, Digital Photography Documentary, Early Childhood Education, Engineering and Sports Medicine.
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The math department at Mica Mountain High School is a dynamic and caring group of teachers, and we are beyond excited to see our students on campus! Our math department builds a foundation for students to influence the world through heightened mathematical awareness, problem-solving, critical thinking, and service opportunities, emphasizing mathematics achievement, leadership, character development, and collaboration. Our greatest joy is helping our thunderbolts achieve their highest mathematical potential. Go Bolts!  
Counseling Center
Class of 2022: Assess the Possibilities
  •    Join clubs and extra curricular activities to strengthen your resumé for college applications
  •    Update your portfolio on
  •    Utilize test prep to prepare you for the PSAT, SAT and Act this year.
Class of 2023: Focus on the Goal
  •    Update your portfolio on
  •    Stay active in clubs or sports and start seeking out leadership roles.
  •    Utilize test prep to prepare you for the PSAT
Class of 2024: Make a Commitment to Graduate
  •    Focus on your academics and give forth the effort to excel in every class.
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In our Leadership class we use Character Dares as an actionable way to teach abstract concepts, values and traits of Character to life. We believe character is a set of skills and all skills require practice. This month we invite your family to complete the Family Dare. Each Dare utilizes the C.A.R.E model, (Conversation starters, Acts of kindness, Recreation and rest, and Expression of love) and lets you know what the area of focus is. I Dare you and your family to complete the challenge!
The deadline to pay for AP exams is November 10th! All students taking the AP exam, must log on to their MyAP account and register for the test through College board AND also pay $95.00 in the Spirit store.
We are so excited as a Social Studies department to be at Mica Mountain. Our department has been blessed with an extraordinary talented group of people who have accomplished many great things in their lives way beyond their time in academia.  

Our World History Teacher Chris Patterson is not only a coach of several state championship wrestlers, he is also an accomplished published author whose books can be bought at Amazon.

Claudette Webb not only has raised two boys, both of which are or will be playing football on scholarship, and a daughter who is an accomplished scholar athlete at her middle school, Mrs Webb was also an incredible Softball player at Cholla High School where she was offered scholarships to play.

Another World History teacher on our staff is Danielle Neuman not only a cheer coach of a state championship Cheer team, she is also a gifted artist who has supplied a huge group of teachers at Mica Mountain with decorations for their classroom.

College Bound Bolts
Using Online Programs to Plan for College and Careers

Current high school students have a variety of resources at their disposal to plan for college and/or careers. Of course, students always have the option of consulting with the adults in their lives, parent, teachers, school counselors, etc. But one of the surprising things about our electronic-oriented society is the fact that so many students continue to underutilize many of the excellent online programs that are available to them. Electronic resources are available to students any time of the day, and any day of the year. Three great free programs are Big Future, Regional College Access Center of the Metropolitan Education Commission and College Greenlight.

The CollegeBoard offers an excellent, comprehensive college and career planning program called Big Future. It can be accessed at Big Future provides high school students at every grade level with a step-by-step roadmap to college and careers. Students can learn what to do, when to do it and how to track their progress. They can learn about careers, explore colleges, learn how to get into colleges and discover ways to pay for college. Students do not have to have a CollegeBoard account to use the Big Future program. Through this program, as students explore careers, they can also explore college majors and conduct a college search based on those majors.

Another great program, the Metropolitan Education Commission (MEC) is a non-profit organization. The MEC was established by the City of Tucson and Pima County in 1990 to represent the interests of the community and its citizens in the education of children, youth and adults living in the City of Tucson and Pima county. The Regional College Access Center is part of the Metropolitan Education Commission. It is involved in higher education pathways advising and planning. RCAC can be accessed at: The RCAC provides a wealth of information for college preparation, admissions information, campus life, aid and scholarships. It is also a great resource for local scholarships.

College Greenlight is another valuable source of information and guidance for first generation and underrepresented college-bound students. College Greenlight can help students to find their best-fit college, and scholarship sources. Check out their website at

This article has focused on only three of the many programs available. Options for college and career exploration are numerous and only limited by the amount of time students want to commit to their self-exploration. By utilizing these tools in an effective manner, students can gain a better self-understanding early on and perhaps avoid the pitfalls of multiple career changes or costly major changes in college. To gain more insight and prepare for their future, students should focus on using these tools and sharing the information with the adults in their lives. Mica Mountain counselors are available to help students work on their post-secondary goals.

Dainah L. Graham, M.S., M.Ed. 
TASA Counselor
MMHS Parent Teacher Organization

Happy Fall! The season of Thankfulness!

We are so appreciative and owe many thanks to the Planning Committee and Interim Board who spent many months preparing for the opening of Mica Mountain High School. Your countless hours spent pouring over documents and attending Zoom meetings set MMPTO up for success - Thank You!

Thank you to all the nominees for the 2020-2021 PTO Board! Nancy Davis, Heather Bersbach, Amanda Jensen, Glenda Voyles, Susan Strizver, and Shawna Traver - your willingness to put your name in the “hat” speaks volumes of the kind of people you are. Generous, loving, kind, selfless! We look forward to working with you throughout the school year.
Congratulations to the newly elected PTO officers:
Nancy Davis - President
Heather Bersbach - Vice President
Shawna Traver - Secretary
Glenda Voyles - Treasurer

Thank you to the members of the PTO! We are in awe of the support we’ve received through your memberships and donations, and we were so excited to have more than 30 of you join us for our first membership meeting in September. With your help, we will be able to provide incredible support to the students and teachers at Mica Mountain. Please join us for our next meeting Tuesday, October 6 at 6:00pm. Zoom Link -

Find us on Facebook: Mica Mountain PTO for information about how to join the PTO, meetings, news, and while you’re there, check out our current Thunderbolt Jewelry Fundraiser
We would like to thank the following Mica Mountain planning PTO board and committee members for their groundbreaking work on creating and establishing our first Bolt PTO! Woohoo! Thank you for the gift of your time and expertise in navigating us through these uncharted waters! 

We appreciate YOU... 
Michelle White
Heather Bersbach
Amanda Jensen
Jen Dixon
Kathy Thitchener
Glenda Voyles
Kiki Ngo 
DaMaris Voyles
Elisha Robison
Tameika Symonds
Nancy Davis
Karleene Talley
Shawna Traver
Lisa Aultman 

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We Are Mica Mountain, We Got This!!
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