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MMIC Distributed Broadband Amplifier,

Marki Microwave has recently commenced designing GaAs pHEMT Distributed Amplifiers, specifically for use as LO Buffer/Driver Amplifiers.  The initial production release of these MMIC Amplifiers is the ADM-0126MSM, a broadband LO Driver Amplifier, suitable for driving L, M, and I diode mixers, with +17dBm typical power from 1 to 26.5GHz.  Additionally, in saturated mode, the Amplifier can be used as a square wave LO Amplifier for driving the T3 Mixer series.


  • Optimised for use as a T3 LO Buffer Amplifier.
  • Suitable for Driving I Diode Mixers with +8V bias.
  • Optional Positive Bias Operation.
  • Integrated Blocking Capacitors and Inductors.
  • +17dBm Typical Saturated Output Power.
  • Buffer Amplifiers for Mixer LO.
  • 3rd and 5th Harmonic Generation.
  • Broadband 50? Matching.
  • Unconditionally Stable.

The ADM-0126MSM offers convenience with integrated Bias Tees in a 4 mm QFN package compatible with standard surface mount reflow soldering techniques.  It can be biased with a positive 5-8 volt bias at 90mA, or operated more efficiently with an optional -0.2 volt bias to reduce the supply to 75mA of current. 


  • LO Buffer Simplification.
  • Clock Distribution.
  • General Purpose Signal Amplification for EW.
  • Driver applications for Test and Measurement.

This part is recommended for all new designs with competitive pricing, and a connectorised module test board is available on request.  


Click Here for full Product Datasheet.


GaAs Double Balanced MMIC Mixers

Marki Microwaves first GaAs MMIC mixer product is the MM1-0726HSM. Traditional MMIC mixers have been limited by the availability of good diode processes in GaAs, but the recent resolution of this issue means that high performance MMIC mixers are now possible.

The MM1-0726HSM is a passive GaAs double balanced mixer, suitable for both up and down conversion applications. This MMIC mixer offers excellent isolation and spurious suppression across a broad 7-26GHz LO/RF bandwidth, in a 3x3mm QFN package. It can be operated in either a low conversion loss "A" configuration, or a low LO drive "B" configuration.


  • Compact 3mm QFN SMT Style Package.
  • Broadband Performance.
    *  DC-9GHz IF Response.
    *  7-26.5GHz RF/LO Bands.
  • Excellent Unit-to-Unit Repeatability.
  • Connectorised Evaluation Fixtures Available.
  • RoHS Compliant.

The MM1-0726HSM is currently the most affordable Mixer that Marki Microwave offer. 


Click Here for full Product Datasheet.


Low PIM Coaxial Terminations

Res-Net has introduced a new range of low PIM coaxial terminations offering -160dBc (typical) passive intermodulation. They operate over 698-2700MHz and offer power handling of up to 250 Watts The maximum VSWR is 1.2:1 to 2.7GHz. These high performance low PIM terminations are available with N-Type or 7/16 DIN connectors.

  • Frequency Range: 698-2700MHz.
  • Passive Intermodulation -160dBc Typical.
  • Power Rating: 50-250W CW.
  • VSWR: 1.2:1 Max.
  • OTR: -55?C to +85?C.

The robust, high quality construction and IP67 rating makes them suitable for a range of low PIM applications, including iDAS and oDAS, in-building wireless solutions, base stations, wireless infrastructure and 4G/LTE


Click Here for full Product Datasheet.