Monday Morning Memo

Special Edition

Trash Removal


From EE HOA Board of Directors

A proposal for the HOA to contract with a single vendor for garbage and recycle pickup was discussed during the 9/19/2022 HOA Board meeting.

The impetus for the proposal comes from the desire to:

#1   Protect our newly paved streets from damage by 60,000 lb. dual axle garbage trucks.

#2   Reduce the number of days that garbage is sitting in our front yards.

#3   Reduce the noise and traffic of large trucks 3 days a week.

#4   Reduce the cost for trash removal for a large majority of homeowners.


There is only one vendor that uses small trucks for trash removal, and that is a local company, Titan Recycle & Trash.  They currently service approximately 50% of the homes in Esperanza Estates.  You can find out more about the company by following this link: 

We asked them for a proposal, and they responded with an offer of $15 per household per month billed through the HOA beginning January 1, 2023.  Both garbage and recycle will be collected on the same day.  Mr. David Way from Titan attended the meeting, answered questions, and brought 3 sizes of wheeled bins that will be made available to the homeowners (they remain property of Titan).  They are available to view in the Ramada.  The homeowners at the meeting volunteered positive remarks regarding the service they receive from Titan, especially the friendliness and curtesy shown by the employees.

The offer of $15 is a savings of $7.50 per month ($90/yr.) for existing Titan customers and a much greater amount for customers of Republic or Waste Management.  If the Board approves this proposal, a vote of the homeowners will be required.  The homeowners will be paying their bill in advance as part of their HOA annual assessment and will not have to pay a quarterly bill or call to start & stop service when they are away.  Exactly how that will be implemented in the first year (2023) is to be determined.

One proposal is to schedule a homeowner vote to approve a special HOA assessment of $180 for 2023 (Due April 1, 2023) and also raise the annual assessment $180 beginning in 2024.  This would reduce the impact of the special assessment because the homeowners would not have to pay their normal quarterly garbage bill due on January 1 and April 1.  

The Board is looking for comments and feedback prior to the next Board Meeting on October 17th.  The suggestion box in the Ramada is available for your questions and comments, or your can email the Board.