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Dear Friends,

THANK YOU!  Thank you for the privilege of representing you, the voters of House District 82!  This Tuesday, Election Day, I will be on your ballot again, and I am running unopposed---grateful and humbled by this opportunity to serve you in the House of the Georgia General Assembly.


Because I am unopposed this year, I have spent time and money on campaigns of my friends running in contested races across Georgia.   

Based on my daily conversations, I believe most of you have already voted, either in early voting polling places or by absentee.  If not, please vote this Tuesday, November 6!  Thank you.


I am happily supporting Stacey Abrams for Governor, a brilliant an admirable candidate, who will serve us well and move Georgia forward.  If you have questions about my support for any candidate, please call me, and I am happy to share my views.  Thank you for your interest in this important election.  

I have gotten more questions and more interest in this year's constitutional amendments than in any previous year.  I consider this interest to be very positive, and I have enjoyed the conversations with many constituents, and have previously written and shared my opinions.  I intend to vote for all five constitutional amendments, and for the two statewide referenda, although there are opposing arguments that are relevant and fair for each proposal.   There are good online resources for each amendment. You can click here to see more information.
Amendment 1 is the only amendment that I am actively campaigning for, and I ask you to vote for this proposal that would designate 80% of the sales tax coming  from sporting goods equipment to the  Wilderness Conservation Fund.

The funding can only be used for three specific purposes: to protect lands critical to drinking water and the quality of Georgia's lakes, rivers and streams; to support community efforts to build and maintain parks and trails; and to maintain and create new places to hunt and fish. Amendment 1 also includes strict accountability provisions including public disclosure of how the funds are spent.
AMENDMENT 4, known as Marcy's Law, mandates rights of victims of crimes to receive notice and participate in hearings for the accused, and in some ways duplicates existing Georgia law.  Prior to passage by the House and Senate there was extensive negotiations between advocates for Amendment 4 and the ACLU and criminal defense lawyers, and although changes were made, there was not an ultimate agreement.  One of the changes in my long political career is the involvement of privately funded or self funded  individuals to lobby for legislation they personally support.  Based on one  family's tragedy, Marcy's Law is a national advocacy effort, and Amendment 4 is the result of the Georgia efforts. 
VOTE ON TUESDAY!   Many of you, or perhaps most, have already voted--thank you!  We know that early voting in 2018 has increased over 200% of previous elections, and how many will vote this Tuesday is unknown.  But, please be part of this historic election! And Henry reminds you to vote also!


Please contact me any time with your questions or comments. Visit my website at the link below and  follow me on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links below. Also, please consider how you might want to volunteer and join me in the 2019 Session--would your child like to page, would you like to follow a particular committee or bill for me?   Would you like to visit with me as my guest on the House floor? 

I look forward to working with you again during the  2019 Georgia General Assembly.  My next newsletters will focus more on issues we will face in the 2019 Session!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!
Mary Margaret
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