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November 11, 2018

Dear Friends,
Election Celebration and Recovery
Election days are emotional for many of us, and particularly so for those of us on the ballot or who have given everything possible for a friend or family member running for office. If you have ever worked in a campaign, you have felt the excitement, fear, pain, and euphoria---experienced the thrill of winning or the devastation of losing. If you have not worked in a campaign, I urge you to do so, it will change your view of voting, and how you experience elections in the future. To all my friends who called and canvassed for a candidate this election season --THANK YOU!
I also want to thank and congratulate every candidate who ran for any office--both the R's and the D's. My greatest gratitude and admiration goes to Stacey Abrams
whose race at this time has not been finally determined.  She ran a brilliant campaign---a new strategy and a successful implementation, and with a result that is superior to any Democratic statewide candidate since 1998. 
I fully support Stacey's decision not yet to end her  campaign for Governor in 2018.  My knowledge and involvement of the multiple lawsuits relating to his year's elections have informed me of the necessity to COUNT EVERY VOTE
I look forward to working for and voting for John Barrow, running for Secretary of State, and Lindy Miller, running for the Public Service Commission, in their runoffs that will be held December 4.  The 2018 election cycle is not over, and both these races are important to Georgia.  I will be commenting further on the December 4th election in the future.
I also want to thank Melita Easters and the GEORGIA'S WIN LIST for recruiting, training and supporting so many of the women candidates who have won this week!
I want to particularly congratulate Congresswoman-elect Lucy McBath who retired Karen Handel!! And Carolyn Bordeaux is only 890 votes behind with extensive attention on Gwinnett County, ground central for several successful court cases. There are tens of thousands of votes subject to analysis that could give Carolyn more than enough votes to win. It is not over.
The most significant impact for me representing HD 82 from Tuesday's election is the election of 14 new Democratic House members from districts formerly held by Republicans.  Two Democratic house members were defeated by Republican so the net gain of Democrats serving in the House grows by 12.  I congratulate all my new colleagues joining the House, and look forward to working with you.  All of the Republicans representing portions of DeKalb County were defeated, so both the House and Senate DeKalb delegations now represent one party, and both the House and Senate bodies at large are  controlled by the opposite party---new challenges.

Governor Calls Special Session


On November 9th, Governor Deal called the legislature to Special Session, and you may read the Order here.  Beginning Tuesday we are asked to amend the state budget to provide approximately $275 million  for storm recovery from Hurricane Michael----a huge disaster for south Georgia.  You can review details of the storm damage financial issues here.    We are also asked to review additional tax benefits on jet fuel for Delta.

Please contact me any time with your questions or comments. Visit my website at the link below and  follow me on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links below. Also, please consider how you might want to volunteer and join me in the 2019 Session--would your child like to page, would you like to follow a particular committee or bill for me?   Would you like to visit with me as my guest on the House floor? 

I look forward to working with you again during the  2019 Georgia General Assembly.  My next newsletters will focus more on issues we will face in the 2019 Session!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!
Mary Margaret
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