Mary Margaret Oliver
Election UPDATE
July 11, 2020

Runoff Election Day 


GOOD NEWS--Thursday, the DeKalb Registration and Elections Board (DREB) voted to mail absentee ballot applications to all 503,000 registered DeKalb voters for the November 3 election, contingent on Commission funding.  

This means if you are a registered DeKalb voter, you will receive a request form in the mail in advance of the November election. Just as with the Spring requests mailed by the Secretary of State, you will receive a request form in the mail, fill it out, and return it to the DeKalb BRE office. 

I listened to the DREB meeting, which lasted more than two hours. There was long discussion, and some helpful decisions were made based on an independent consultant report that has been submitted for change and reform. Many of you have written me about this report, and I and other DeKalb delegation members wrote the DREB urging adoption of the consultants' recommendations. Other issues were delayed to another day.

The Board also voted to open two new Early Voting locations for the August 11 runoff at Tucker Library and Stonecrest City Hall, and to add additional drop boxes for completed August 11 ballots.  And, DREB voted to hire an external consultant group to plan, scale up, and manage the Vote by Mail process and November 3 operation. 

Absentee Ballot Update

Secretary of State Raffensperger will NOT send you an application for an absentee ballot for the August 11 runoff election or for the November 3 election. As I say above, DeKalb plans to send you an application for the November 3 election, but NOT for the August 11 runoff. 

EXCEPTION: Generally, you must file a separate request for an absentee ballot for each election event. BUT if you met one of the criteria below**  and checked the box on your Spring request for an absentee ballot, you are considered a "rollover" and will automatically receive an absentee ballot for August 11 and November 3, without taking any further action. 

If you are a "rollover," I do not know when you will receive your ballot.  But, you can check the My Voter Page for updated information on when your ballot was sent. 

**If you meet the following criteria, you may choose to complete one application and receive a ballot for the General Primary, General Primary Runoff (if any), General Election, and General Election Runoff (if any) by checking one of the following boxes:
  • E - Elderly - I am 65 years of age or older.
  • D - Disabled - I have a physical disability.
  • U - UOCAVA Voter - Member of armed forces or Merchant Marines of the United States, commissioned corps of the Public Health Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, spouse or dependent residing with or accompanying said member, or a United States citizen residing overseas. My current status is (please mark one):
      • MOS - Military Overseas MST - Military Stateside
      • OST - Overseas Temporary Resident OSP - Overseas Permanent Resident (federal offices only.

If you did not meet the criteria or did not check the box

on your Spring request, you must complete a request for an absentee ballot for August 11 and November 3. Again, no request forms will be mailed to you for August 11. You can download a form from the Secretary of State's office, linked below. If you have not done so yet for August 11, please do so. 


My Voter Page

DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections Note: this site is not always up to date; please revisit from time to time.

2020 Election Day Apprehension Continues

In this odd and stressful year, tension around elections continues. Voters, poll workers, election directors, candidates, and elected officials are all apprehensive and understand the problems exhibited June 9 are unacceptable.  Questions come to my inbox daily.  "Do I have to ask for another absentee ballot?" "How long should I wait before the August 11 election to request a ballot again?" "If I send in two applications for ballots, will the election office assume I am committing fraud?"  "WILL MY VOTE BE COUNTED?" I hope this newsletter has answered some of your questions.

Because of changes and solutions that are being discussed, I want to update you as they happen and on what future actions are anticipated. Look for future Newsletters and FaceBook posts.

I am assuming two important facts for our election day planning, because of which the majority of us will want to vote absentee for both August 11 and November 3 -- please think about your voting plan if you agree that:
1.  The COVID-19 virus, social distancing, and medical vulnerabilities for many voters will still be relevant on Election Days August 11 and November 3. 

2.  Voter turnout on November 3 will be the highest in history, including an unprecedented number of young and first-time voters. 
Do we ever need positive action, big time.

It seems long ago that the Legislature ended in June. At that time, I asked whether you would have voted for the proposed 2020-21 budget. Of those who replied, 83% would have voted against that budget, as I did. Thank you for that input, which is always valuable to me.  

Remember to VOTE on AUGUST 11, and please email back if you have questions!

Stay safe and keep in touch, everyone!

Mary Margaret
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