Mary Margaret Oliver
Special Newsletter
June 1, 2020

This is what democracy looks like...and a reminder of what could have been with just a few more votes! 

I was so thrilled at Forbes Arena at Morehouse College with President Obama and Stacey Abrams right before the 2018 November.

Election Day 


This is a painful and terrible time, especially for those who are affected by the violence in Atlanta and elsewhere. There are many possible responses to all these events and their history, but as an elected official I strongly believe in the power of the vote. I want to hear your solutions or strategies for real and lasting change. Please VOTE. 

Absentee Ballot

If you have received one and not returned it yet, do so now. You can send it through the mail tomorrow or better yet drop it off at a DeKalb location designated below.

This box is outside the DeKalb Registration and Elections Office at 4380 Memorial Drive, Decatur, GA 30032. There are 3 other locations. 

If you requested and have not received an absentee ballot, first check the My Voter Page on the Secretary of State's website. If it does not show your ballot was mailed to you, contact the DeKalb Board of Elections or the Voter Protection Hotline number below.

Early Vote in Person

If you want to vote early in person, the locations for DeKalb are listed below. Note the dates and times.

Vote in Person TUESDAY JUNE 9. 
NOTE: some precincts have changed, so look at the MVP for yours and double check it against the Dekalb precinct list. Expect lines, social distancing, and health protection procedures in place when you vote in person.

Remember to VOTE and feel free to email back if you have questions!

Stay safe and keep in touch, everyone!

Mary Margaret
Law Office (404) 377-0485
Legislative Office (404) 656-0265
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