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MMS Monthly E-Newsletter |  December 2015
From the Co-Directors:
As we head toward the new year, we would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for our school community.  We feel so fortunate to come to school each day to experience the children's joy, the expertise of our amazing staff and the incredible support and encouragement from our MMS families. 

We look forward to the year ahead and the many gifts it will bring!

Jennifer and Suzanne
Early Dismissal  | Friday, December 18 , 2015  |   11:50 am
All children will need to be picked up early and taken to the Winter Concert.
Winter Concert  | Friday, December 18 , 2015  |   12:30 pm
Dismissal begins at 11:50 --- please meet us at Columbia Gas following dismissal.
No Plus Program  | Friday, December 18 , 2015 
New Year's break begins immediately following the Winter Concert.  There will be no Plus Program that day.  
New Year's Break  | December 19, 2015 through January 3, 2016
Classes resume on Monday, January 4, 2016.
Middle School Baking  | December 21, 2015 |   8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Middle School students who are interested in joining should RSVP to Bridgett.
Standardized Testing | January 25-29, 2015 
Watch for more information (grades 3 and up).
Parent's Night Out | January 29, 2016  |   5:30 -8:30 pm

  • We are still looking for someone to help with building lunchbox shelves for upper elementary.  Please contact Jennifer or Suzanne for details.
  • We are still looking for an oval rug to create a floor work space in the art room.  If you have a gently used rug you can donate, please contact us.
  • Our Plus Program is gearing up for cold weather and indoor play.  If you happen to be cleaning out over the break and have any unwanted board games, jigsaw puzzles (complete sets, in good condition) or craft supplies, we would love to have them.  The children enjoy Scrabble, Monopoly, Operation, checkers, and more!  Please contact Karen Kelly with any questions (304.342.7870 or 304.395.9410).
We'd like to give a huge MMS thank you to the many parents who have made special contributions to our school this month.  Special thanks to:
  • our friends at Taylor Books for partnering with us for the Book and Bake Sale.
  • Alisa Abdalla for coordinating the bake sale.
  • all the parent volunteers who assisted with the bake sale and donated baked goods.
  • Chad Cordell for leading the bench-building project during Plus.
  • our friends at the  YMCA for providing transportation, space and materials for PE classes.
  • the Bell Law Firm, PLLC and parent Harry Bell for donating six iMac computers and two printers to our computer lab.
  • all the parents and grandparents who have provided transportation to special events.

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