Thank you for coming in for our November Parent Education sessions.  We hope that you were able to connect with other MMS families and learn more about Montessori philosophy and our school's mission.

It has been wonderful to see parents visiting the classrooms this month!  Please be sure to call Beth to schedule your appointment if you have not done so already (Middle School parents, please contact Bridgett directly).  As we mentioned during the Parent Education sessions, the observation process is as follows:
  • Check in with Beth upon arrival to sign in and receive your clipboard and observation sheet.
  • Proceed to the classroom, entering as quietly as possible.
  • Sit in the observer's chair and take notes as desired.  Be sure to jot down any questions you may have.  While observing, please strive to be 'invisible'.  If children ask why you are there, you may simply say, 'I'm just watching'. 
  • At the end of the observation, please check in with Beth.  She will call us to meet briefly with you to discuss your observation and any questions you may have.  If there are questions we can't answer, we will be sure to pass them along to your child's guide.

We've received a few questions about snack time and invite you to read through the descriptions below for a better understanding about the purposes and goals of snack time at Mountaineer Montessori School.