November 2019
Important Dates
  • 17-19 Young Americans at MMS
  • 23 Hansen Foods Cookie Dough Fundraiser pick up (2:30-5:00) Small Gym
  • 23 PTO Meeting in Large Conference Room
  • 31 Early Release (Dismissal at 11:30)
  • 1 No School
  • 4 End of Quarter 1
  • 6-13 MMS Scholastic Book Fair
  • 7 Parent Teacher Conference 3:30-6:30
  • 12 Parent Teacher Conference 3:30-6:30
  • 20 PT0 Meeting 6:30 in Large Conference room
  • 27-29 Thanksgiving Break

Join Us to Continue the Conversation:
Gather. Listen. Share.

Gather with other community members at any one of the scheduled community conversations.

Learn about the Marinette School District facilities study and recommendations for the future of our community’s schools.

Share your feedback, questions, and facility priorities with district representatives.

When: October 29, 9:30 am at the District Office;
October 29, 6:30 pm at Marinette High School, or
October 30, 4:00 pm at Marinette High School

For more detailed information: Rightsizing the District
Coming to Marinette October 17 and 18 , is the Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop. All students are invited to be a part of this amazing experience. The Young Americans is a performing arts group that travels the world presenting workshops at schools and other venues. Their mission is to give young people an incredible experience in the performing arts that they will be inspired by and remember for the rest of their lives. The workshop covers areas of singing, dancing and acting for 2 days. On the third day a public performance is held at Marinette Middle School to show everyone what the students have accomplished.

For registration and the schedule. Click on the link . NO STUDENT IS TURNED AWAY IF THEY ARE UNABLE TO PAY FOR THE WORKSHOP! If you follow the registration link there are scholarships available OR you can contact Mr. Okray, For any questions or concerns also contact Mr. Okray by email or at 715-587-2455.
Homework Help
Does your student need extra support with completing homework? Maybe your student just needs a quiet place to get it done. MMS is offering a supervised Homework Help experience for middle school students Tuesday through Thursdays from 3:15pm - 4:15pm. If you feel this may benefit your student, please contact Mr. Whisler at

Hanson Foods Cookie Dough Fundraiser pick up
Oct. 23 -2:30pm-5:00pm.

Volunteers needed to help with distribution of products on...
October 23, 1:30pm-5:00pm

Please contact Jen Huth at 715-735-1503 or

Middle Years
Check out this month’s edition of Middle Years . Topics covered include: the effects of effort, strategies for dealing with a “tweenager,” and ideas for encouraging reading!

Scholastic Book Fair
When :Nov. 6th- 13th
Where: 7th grade Collaboration Room
Times: TBD. Times will be posted on website and facebook notifications will be sent out.
If you are able to help with book fair please contact MMS office.
Please click on the Peach Jar link were you will find all the latest and greatest flyers from Marinette Middle School.

Parent/Guardian Involvement
It is more important than ever for you to be involved in your student’s schooling. There are many ways to get involved at Marinette Middle School. Everything from volunteering in the classroom, supporting the Parent/Teacher Organization, or reading to your student at home. Please be on the lookout for new options and ideas for parent/guardian involvement as we enter into the new school year. Click on Background Check to fill out background check.
Mrs. Hanson’s eighth grade science classes went on a walking field trip to the Marinette Wastewater Plant. Students were given a tour of the plant and shown how the water in our city is cleaned. We learned on average the city cleans 3 millions gallons a day! Students were able to ask questions and interact with members of our community, while learning about jobs in the science profession.
8th grade Camp Bird
Online Safety and Digital Well Being

The post-screen-time meltdown is no joke. For many parents, it’s a daily occurrence—the moment the TV, iPad or Nintendo shuts down is the moment the screams, whines and tears begin. There is a biological reason for this dramatic, seemingly uncontrollable response. Click here to find out how to better handle ending screen time with your children.
To read more click here
Attention any alumni band members! I’m trying to build a database of alumni. I understand not everyone can participate in every
alumni activity but like to keep our alumni in the loop! 
Also we are doing a pillow sale out of old band uniforms. The funds raised will support the kids going to Nashville this spring! Click on the links below for more information
Thank you Mrs. Oskey
Assessment Results
If you have not by now, you and your student will be receiving the results of the Fall 2019 STAR (Reading and Mathematics) assessment. Below are the letters that were sent with your students Fall scores. Families will receive individual results and progress monitoring again in the Winter and Spring.

Upcoming PTO Meeting (Parent/Guardian Engagement Group)
Mark your calendar for the upcoming PTO meeting (i.e., parent/guardian engagement group). The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 23rd at 6:30pm.  The November meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 20th at 6:30pm.

At both meetings we will start planning the group’s involvement at the December 7th Christmas in Marinette (craft fair and activities) located at the Marinette Community Recreation Center.
This Girl Can
This Girl Can was an event that happened on Saturday that was put on by Samuel Pressure Vessel and NWTC. There were 10 girls that participated ranging from grades 7th and 8th. The girls received a tour of Samuel Pressure Thursday night and on Saturday we started with reading the blueprint of the design, and doing a math problem to estimate how heavy we expected the design to be after we welded all of the parts together. The design this year was a flower that could be used as a lawn/garden ornament. With the supervision of NWTC students and Samuel Pressure vessel workers, the girls welded the flowers together and then were able to spray paint them to protect them from rust! Every girl was able to make and weld flower. Attached is the press release that was sent out
October 2019 marks the third annual Keeping Kids Safe Online Month in Wisconsin! 
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, in partnership with the Department of Justice (DOJ),  created a website  with numerous resources from a number of organizations and experts about online safety to assist with the month-long awareness campaign. We utilize October to highlight the need for safe and responsible use of digital tools and resources for schools, communities, and families.

The focus for October 2019 is on the importance of involving parents in creating awareness about healthy online behaviors. It is crucial for schools and families to talk about and model safe and healthy online practices. To help with this, the Wisconsin DPI and the Wisconsin DOJ have created an online, interactive e-course called  Interact  for parents and guardians and their children to work together to complete.

This e-course takes an interactive approach to open up discussions about online safety in the home through watching videos, navigating online scenarios, and completing a family media plan.  Interact  provides the opportunity for parents and guardians to set themselves up as a trusted adult in the child’s life.

To view DPI's October 2019 Lesson Planning Matrix, go to
October Attendance Awards
1st place
Mrs. Cheney
October Attendance Awards
2nd place
Ms. Osterby
Message from Mr. Whisler

Goal Setting and Conferring
By the end of the month, all Marinette Middle School students will have sat down with their teachers and developed individual goals in the areas of Reading, Mathematics, and Social/Emotional Learning.

Why are we doing this? A group of MMS staff came together over the summer to plan how we (as staff) are going to assist our students with continuing to grow academically, behaviorally, and socially/emotionally. The strategy that we settled on is student goal-setting and conferring (talking about those goals).

Goal-setting and reflecting on goals are lined up with numerous high power learning strategies as presented by well-respected education researcher John Hattie.

Be on the lookout for more information about your student’s individual learning goals, including a “What’s It ?!?!” video put out by your’s truly -- me.

If you have questions about this or would like to get involved with the middle school, please feel free to contact me at (715)735-1500 or .

Message from Mr. Hanson

As an Associate Principal my first priority is student safety, followed closely by ensuring an efficient and productive learning environment for all. I’d like to begin this month by saying, “thank you,” to our parents for your support. Often times when I make a parent contact it is in response to an observed negative behavior. Collectively, your support in holding your student accountable following an incident has been nothing short of awesome. Again, I thank you for that. Behavior responses, including consequences, serve three purposes:

1) To maintain high standards of behavior and success for our students
2) To help our learners to see their mistakes
3) Most importantly, to provide an opportunity for reflection and personal growth.  

Our approach to behaviors is grounded in the Positive Behavior Interventions Model (PBIS). It includes:
  • Clearly teaching expected behaviors, creating visual reminders, and periodically re-teaching expected behaviors;
  • Acknowledging students for their efforts in meeting expectations;
  • Providing meaningful consequences when behavioral mistakes occur; and
  • Implementing supports and programming based on data for students in need

Middle school is a time of rapid change and learning from mistakes. We will continue to develop systems that create a safe and efficient school environment for all.

Lastly, never let it be said that I can’t take a joke! This week in Ms. Rocque’s Alternative Energy class 8th graders Ben T, Logan R, and Alex W took an opportunity to blast me into the sky along with their rocket. Never a dull moment at MMS! :)

Mr. Hanson
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