Good afternoon, 

MMSW is providing this update in order to assist you with our first reporting cycle. In this update you will find information on the following:
  1. Your executed Services Agreement
  2.  A reminder to submit EFT forms in order to receive payment
  3. The Q/A document from our February 23 webinar on reporting for Collectors
  4. How to get a WeRecycle portal login and password
  5. How to calculate your program's weight from a shared load
  6. Update on reporting requirements for tonnes marketed
Your Executed Services Agreement:

MMSW continues to process a large number of Services Agreements as quickly as is possible. The majority of Agreements have been sent out. If you have not yet received yours, you can expect to within the very near future.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Services Agreement please contact Kelly Goyer, Director of Field Services at 306-500-6170 or .

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Forms:

When you receive your executed Services Agreement, you will also receive an EFT form. Please complete this form at your earliest convenience and send to MMSW cannot issue payment to you without this form.

If you have delegated your sub-contractor to receive payments directly from MMSW, you will not receive the EFT form. Your delegated sub-contractor will receive it instead.

Q/A Document from Reporting Webinar:

The Q/A document from the February 23 webinar on reporting for Collectors is now available on our website. Please  click here to view the Q/A document and to access the webinar including full audio and slides. 

WeRecycle Login and Password:

In order to access the WeRecycle portal to submit your reports, you will need a login and password assigned to you.

Please send contact information (name, phone number, email) for the people you want to delegate as your primary contact and secondary contact(s) for the portal and an accounting/billing contact to

Please send this information in at your earliest convenience as you cannot submit reports to MMSW without a login or password for the WeRecycle portal.

Communique on Reporting for Calculating Weights:

Here is a communique we have prepared to help you better understand how to calculate your load weights for a variety of scenarios. These scenarios may include calculating weights for a local government when on a truck with multiple local governments at one time.

Review carefully and please feel welcome to contact with any questions regarding this information.

Update on Reporting Requirement for Tonnes Marketed:
Included in the Services Agreement with MMSW is the requirement to report quarterly on total tonnes of WPP that is marketed (sold back to recycling manufacturing processes) and the revenue received by a local government or regional waste authority for these materials.

At this time, MMSW recognizes the complexity of adopting a new method for collecting and reporting weights for your WPP program. We also recognize that local governments and regional waste authorities may require more time to work with their partners and stakeholders to better determine how to report on tonnes of WPP marketed.

At this time, MMSW will require tonnes marketed to be reported by Collectors with populations of 5,000 or greater (or in the case of a regional waste authority, a combined membership population of 5,000 or greater). If this is your local government or regional waste authority, MMSW will be in contact with you in the near future to discuss further. 


We look forward to going through the first reporting cycle with you. We hope you find the WeRecycle portal easy to use. Remember, if you encounter any difficulties with the portal, you may contact or call toll free 1-855-886-4558 and someone will be glad to assist you. 
Kelly Goyer
Director, Field Services MMSW