MMSW Membership Agreement Now Available!


Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) is pleased to advise that the Membership Agreement is now available for businesses who are interested in joining MMSW's stewardship plan for waste packaging and paper in Saskatchewan.


As a business resident in Saskatchewan, or as a voluntary steward, wanting to participate in MMSW's approved packaging and printed paper program, it is necessary to sign a membership agreement with MMSW. You can now download a copy of the agreement below, complete it and upload it on the WeRecycle Registration and Reporting Portal.


Why do we have to sign a Membership Agreement?


MMSW members are required to sign an MA with MMSW because MMSW will fulfil the requirements of the Saskatchewan Household Packaging & Paper Stewardship Program Regulation on behalf of its members. MMSW therefore needs a commitment that members will report their material data and pay the required fees for the management of those materials. We encourage you to review the Membership Agreement and share it with the person authorized to sign agreements on behalf of your company. 


The Membership Agreement has five main objectives:

  • To set out MMSW's obligation to perform its duties as your stewardship agent and fulfill your obligations under the Saskatchewan Household Packaging & Paper Stewardship Program Regulation;
  • To make clear our joint reporting and disclosure obligations;
  • To provide an explanation of how MMSW will calculate fees;
  • To outline payment terms and conditions;
  • To detail the terms and conditions for contract termination.

Is the MMSW Membership Agreement similar to the MMBC Membership Agreement?



MMSW's Membership Agreement is consistent with MMBC's Membership agreement and reflects the latest improvements made to MMBC's agreement based on recent suggestions from the steward community.  There are of course some minor differences that are required to reflect the Saskatchewan Regulation:

  • Minor nuances in terminology:
    • Linkages are made to align Saskatchewan terminology re: "Packaging and Paper" and/or "Waste Packaging and Paper" with "Packaging and Printed Paper" as used in guidebooks and on the WeRecycle Portal
  • Differences in EPR responsibility:
    • Stewards in Saskatchewan are obligated to pay Fees to fund qualified municipalities up to 75% of the net costs of managing the materials of MMSW Members 


What's next?

  • Voluntary Stewards must sign the Membership Agreement by June 1st and report their material data by June 30th.
  • Businesses resident in Saskatchewan must sign the Membership Agreement and report their material data by June 30th.
  • Program Implementation is January 1, 2015.


How does this Apply to my Business?


If your business has a permanent establishment in Saskatchewan and you are a brand owner, franchisor or first importer of packaged goods and/or paper sold to Saskatchewan householders then you are likely an obligated business under the Regulation.

If your business is located outside of Saskatchewan but supplies packaged goods and/or paper to Saskatchewan householders, you can take responsibility for your packaging and/or paper by electing to be a voluntary steward.

As an obligated business you are invited to join MMSW by visiting or by calling Steward Services at 1-888-980-9549.



Businesses Affected by the Recycling Regulation

  • Food manufacturers
  • Retailers of consumer packaged goods (e.g., food, cosmetics, electronics, toys etc.)
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Newspaper Publishers
  • Magazine Publishers
  • Paper Manufacturers
  • And more...

Register for Webinar on the Membership Agreement 


Multi Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) invites you to attend a webinar on May 13th, 10am - 11:30 am (SK time) and 12:00pm - 1:30 pm (ET) to review the MMSW Membership Agreement (MA).  As a business that supplies packaging and/or paper to residents in Saskatchewan, you are invited to formalize your relationship with MMSW by signing a Membership Agreement.


In order to fully understand the agreement, we encourage you to attend this webinar where we will review the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement and the intent behind key clauses contained in it. 



Please contact Multi-Material Stewardship Western with any questions to concerns at: or 1-888-980-9549