Special Edition (July 20, 2020)
Message from MMTA
Greetings MMTA members,

COVID-19 has made a mess of supply chain predictability, conventional logistics and normal business operations for our members, and this unpredictability is no different for the MMTA. Like you, we have had to make adjustments to the way we deliver our services to accommodate restrictions and practical protective measures to stop the spread of the virus.

To that end, this edition of the E-Newsletter is devoted to updating MMTA members on some important event developments. Our Truck PAC golf tournament has been rescheduled for September 9th with some adjustments made to the event. We also want to let members know that our Annual Banquet, scheduled for January 7th, is likely to be held virtually this year. While we don’t know exactly what that looks like, we have started the process of figuring out ways to deliver a quality experience that showcases the unbelievable safety accomplishments of our members and recognizes our industry’s vital role in delivering past, current and future prosperity. Stay tuned as the Virtual Annual Banquet takes shape and we reach out to members to participate in and support these efforts.

Speaking of the Annual Banquet, we have made some adjustments to the safety awards portion of the banquet program to adapt to production timing. Below you will find the adjusted deadlines for the Fleet Safety Awards and Safety Director of the Year submissions, as well as the online submission requirements. Despite the timing changes and not having on-site audits this year, we encourage ALL of our members to apply for the Fleet Safety Awards to recognize the hard work and dedication of your company’s safety team. We hope this year’s streamlined process motivates additional participation from companies who may not have applied in previous years. If you are on the fence about whether it is worth it for your company to compete, give Tim a call and I guarantee he will convince you to participate.

As always, if you have any questions about any of our events, seminars or services, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Brian Parke
MMTA President and CEO
MMTA Fleet Safety Awards
MMTA member’s highway safety efforts and accomplishments never stopped during the pandemic and, in many ways, was made more important while our industry delivered emergency supplies and kept our economy moving. For that reason, the Fleet Safety Awards program will go forward as usual, but with a few timing changes to accommodate the probable production of our virtual Annual Banquet. Also note that we are asking members to submit their Phase I information through our website and this year we are requiring the supporting information (IFTA miles, accident registers, crash reports for preventability determination, etc.) at the same time to improve efficiency.

Phase I – Application and Supporting Information
Deadline – September 4, 2020
Link: Click HERE

Phase II – Verification and Auditing
Deadline – Members will be contacted by MMTA between September 4th and September 18th to determine eligibility for Phase III, Grand Champion entry.

Phase III – Grand Champion Entry
Deadline – October 2, 2020
Link: Click HERE

The process shouldn’t take you very long to complete Phase I and winning a Grand Champion award is seen as the highest safety honor a trucking company can receive in Maine… so apply now – don’t wait!!

If you have questions about the Fleet Safety Awards process, please don’t hesitate to contact Tim.
MMTA Safety Director of the Year Award
Similar to the MMTA’s Fleet Safety Awards, we intend to also recognizing our state’s most qualified safety directors through the Safety Director of the Year award. There are two main changes this year for the SDOTY program, including moving the submission deadline to OCTOBER 2, 2020.

The other change is that we will be asking for nomination forms and supporting information to be submitted through our website at www.mmta.com/sdoty. While this might appear to be more cumbersome to upload all of the nomination information up front, it is actually the same documentation that we normally require – instead of a two-step process, we have made it one.
Maine Truck PAC Golf Tournament
Originally scheduled for June 10th, the Maine Truck PAC golf tournament has been RESCHEDULED to September 9, 2020. Below is updated information reflecting this change. If you have already registered/sponsored, your registration, sponsorship and player list will automatically be transferred to the new SEPTEMBER 9th date. If your schedule in September doesn’t allow you or your team to participate, please let Makala know and she will process your refund.

The Truck PAC golf tournament will again be played at Natanis Golf Course, located on the Webber Pond Road in Vassalboro, on September 9, 2020. Natanis features 36 great holes of golf and will serve as an excellent host for this year’s primary fundraising event for the Truck PAC.

The tournament is designed to be player friendly and will feature an on the course meal. However, there are many changes to this event to comply with regulations and prudent safety precautions. We highly encourage you to click on the following link to get a full rundown of the Tournament Format and Special Instructions.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available (Major Sponsors $500 or Hole Sponsors $150/hole)

All registrations must be received by September 4th. You can register online HERE. The cost is $500 per team or $125 per player and mulligans must be pre-purchased when registering online.

Location: Natanis Golf Course, Vassalboro
Player arrival: 8:30 am
Shotgun Start: 9:00am
Lunch: On the course

We hope you consider supporting the PAC and registering a team of golfers and sponsoring the event. The Truck PAC funds are used to support business-friendly candidates to the Maine Legislature.