Special Edition V.25 (April 2020)
MMTA Board/Membership Meeting - May 8 @ 7:30am
To be held via ZOOM Video Conference

The MMTA’s Annual Board & Membership meetings, originally scheduled for April 8th, has been rescheduled to May 8th starting at 7:30am. Since there is no way to be assured that we will be able to meet in person given the ever-changing factors that have gone into the COVID-19 emergency, the meeting will be hosted virtually through Zoom video conference.  

Since this is the first time we have met via Zoom on such a large scale, we are asking members to register for the meeting. Once registered, you will receive Zoom instructions to attend via video conference or to attend via phone only.  Please Note: If you attend via phone only, you will need to provide us with the phone number you will be calling from on the online registration form – we will disconnect any unrecognized phone number from the meeting.

To register, go to www.mmta.com/zoom 

We ask for everyone’s patience with this technology and encourage you to test your system prior to the meeting on May 8th. If you would like to test your system with MMTA, please contact Brian as soon as possible.

Below is the tentative Membership Meeting agenda:


1. Self Introductions (waived)

2. Secretary’s Report

3. Presentations (Invited Guests) 
  • SmartWay Transport Partnership – Abby Swaine, US EPA Region 1 - New England
  • Special Guest – Senator Bill Diamond, Co-Chair of the Transportation Committee
  • Blue Ribbon Commission To Study and Recommend Funding Solutions for the State’s Transportation Systems 
  • Legislature update

4. COVID-19 Updates 
  • Definition of Essential
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Rest Areas & Service Plazas
  • Exemptions, waivers and enforcement
  • Registrations, Permits and Credentialing
  • Drug & Alcohol

5. COVID-19 Discussion
  • Impacts, concerns, questions.

6. Reports
  • TDC/PTSC (Randy)
  • Annual Banquet Wrap-Up
  • MMTA Call on Washington
  • Focus on infrastructure in future COVID-19 stimulus package(s)
  • Golf Tournament
  • MMTA / APTA Transportation Safety Conference

7. Old Business

8. New Business
  • Nominating Committee Report – Election of Directors

9. Adjourn

State of Utah Requires Travel Declaration Form
April 10, 2020

Do your drivers go to/through the state of Utah? As of 8am this morning and through May 1st, each person 18 years of age and older entering Utah must submit an electronic State of Utah Travel Declaration Form within three hours of entry, as ordered by the Governor. This declaration serves to inform individuals of Utah's current COVID-19 related restrictions and declare information that will be used by the Utah Department of Health to help track and trace COVID-19 infections that may arise from persons who enter the state of Utah from national or international travel. Click here for a copy of the Executive Order.

As of the writing of this article, this requirement DOES apply to truck drivers. The Utah Trucking Association and the American Trucking Associations are working to get clarification to exempt truckers furthering interstate commerce.
Further Update on MMTA PPE Request
April 10, 2020

Yesterday we reported uncertainty as it relates to our April 2nd order for personal protective equipment. Subsequent to our newsletter going out, we received notice that our order has been rejected by the Maine Emergency Management Agency and/or the Maine CDC. We do not know why it was rejected, but suspect it is due to there not being enough PPE to go around and that trucking is not considered a “tier 1” industry like healthcare workers.

We then went to the internet to see if we could purchase items that we could then distribute to members. If anyone has done a similar exercise, they know the rabbit hole we went down – given the limited availability from vendors who were unknown to us, the cost was double or triple what it would normally be (if we were lucky) and the delivery date could not be guaranteed.

So now we are asking MMTA members if they know of any reputable companies who might have PPE available to sell to us in bulk for us to distribute to our members. If you know of anyone – a producer, manufacturer, retailer, etc. – who might want to help the Maine trucking industry, please email us the person’s contact information and we will reach out to them immediately.

Alternatively, we understand our counterparts in other states, as well as the American Trucking Associations, are working on bulk purchases that might give MMTA access to some much needed PPE.

For masks, we have found a CDC resource that you might find helpful. If employees are looking to make their own face coverings, there are printable instructions HERE. They offer ones that involve sewing and other, more creative ideas that most people can do. Click here for the CDC guidelines on using cloth face coverings.
We will keep MMTA members posted as new information comes in. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to email Tim, Randy or Brian if you have questions.