Special Edition V.39 (May 2020)
BREAKING: Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles Announces Re-Opening
Maine BMV, May 27, 2020

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicle Branch Offices and the Main Office are re-opening on June 1, 2020. Customers will be assisted by phone and where in-person transactions are absolutely needed; branch offices will be doing these by appointment only. The Main Office staff will provide phone support for municipalities and customers along with processing minor in-person transactions.

As always, if members need assistance with anything BMV-related, please contact Cecile at the MMTA: cprescott@mmta.com.  
FMCSA to Immediately Expand Remote Carrier Compliance Reviews During Pandemic
Transport Topics

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced plans to immediately expand the use of remote motor carrier safety compliance reviews during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In new guidance issued May 20, the agency said the off-site compliance reviews will “leverage all available technology to access information and records and thus limit exposure risk for the regulated community and safety investigators.”

The expanded guidance is intended to provide clarity to motor carriers, FMCSA said. It will remain in effect until the revocation of the presidentially declared COVID-19 national emergency, the agency said.

COVID-19: Trucking Lessons Learned

Three trucking executives discuss the importance of digitized operations, diversified sourcing, and other lessons learned to come out of the COVID-19 health crisis and economic shutdown more resilient than before.

Although the commercial trucking industry has never seen anything quite like the disruptions brought on by COVID-19, the industry has overcome disturbances caused by other disasters—both natural and economic. Through the course of this health crisis and economic shutdown, commercial carriers are learning some new lessons, and many are working to become even more resilient coming out of this.

During a recent Northwestern University Transportation Center (NUTC) roundtable discussion on transportation, logistics and supply chain networks under COVID-19, 36-year trucking industry veteran Bill Matheson, president of intermodal services at Schneider National, suggested the industry take bits and pieces of lessons learned from previous disruptions and apply them today. Matheson was joined by Ben McLean, CEO of Ruan Transportation Management Systems, and Andrew T. Boyle, co-president of Boyle Transportation, for the NUTC roundtable.

MMTA Receives Cloth Face Coverings
May 21, 2020

The Maine Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with FEMA, has provided the Maine trucking industry with 20,000 FREE cloth face coverings for distribution to companies and drivers. The masks are made by Hanes and, according to MEMA, are washable up to 50 times. MaineDOT delivered the masks yesterday and they are now ready for pickup/delivery.

In an effort to distribute the masks in an orderly fashion, we are asking members to fill out an online form found HERE. You will be asked to select whether you want to pick up the masks at our Whitten Road office, or have us send them to you at your expense. Please allow us additional time if you want us to ship them to you as we anticipate heavy demand on these FREE cloth face coverings.

Also note that we may limit quantities to ensure everyone who needs masks has an opportunity to receive them. We further understand that there may be an additional disbursement of free face coverings in the future, but recommend you place your order as soon as possible.

Disposable surgical masks are still available (we have a little over 1,000 left) for sale at $0.56/each plus tax and plus shipping if you want them delivered. For these masks, order online here.

If you have any questions, please contact Makala ( makala@mmta.com) or Victoria ( VictoriaE@mmta.com) at MMTA.
Oklahoma To Test Marijuana Breathalyzer In DPS Pilot Program
Oklahoma News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Department of Public Safety confirmed it will be testing a marijuana breathalyzer in the coming months as part of a recently approved pilot program.

Cannabis experts said early data shows that this technology will help identify drivers who consumed marijuana within a few hours of behind the wheel.

One lawmaker said it could help those who would fail a traditional sobriety or blood test.

“We all know that marijuana stays in your system longer. So, it creates a scenario where you get a DUI whether you were impaired or not,” said Scott Fetgatter (R) District 16.

ATA Study Shows Company Drivers’ Average Pay Increased by $6,000 Between 2017-2019
The Trucker

ARLINGTON, Va. — The American Trucking Associations (ATA) on May 21 released the latest version of the association’s Driver Compensation Study, which showed average driver pay, including bonuses, rose nearly $6,000 in 2019 since the last study in 2017.

“These results show that fleets did exactly what we would expect them to in the face of a tightening market for drivers. They raised pay and increased benefits in order to attract talent,” said Bob Costello, chief economist for ATA.

According to the survey, which was based on data from 2019, the average pay for truckload national, irregular route solo van drivers was roughly $58,000, up $6,000 from 2017.

Do You Use ZOOM? Update is Needed
May 21, 2020

The new business reality is that ZOOM has become a customary way to meet while social distancing recommendations have been in place. MMTA has used this service for Board meetings, committee meetings, staff collaboration and in our service on various boards and commissions. Likely, you have your own ZOOM account or you have connected to a ZOOM meeting, either with their app or through their website.

Effective immediately, ZOOM has enabled additional encryption across their platform to provide increased protection for meeting data. This functionality will require you to update ZOOM prior to May 30th. If you do not update your ZOOM before the end of May, the first time you go to use it in June it will force you to update it before you can join a ZOOM meeting, which may cause delays and frustration.

If you have not done so already, it is recommended that you update your ZOOM client by clicking HERE.
We will keep MMTA members posted as new information comes in. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to email Tim, Randy or Brian if you have questions.