Special Edition V.1 (March 2020)
Maine BMV - IRP & IFTA
March 17,2020

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles has released the following notice:

Notice of Waiver of International Registration Plan (IRP), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), and OS/OW Permit Requirements for Maine

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor of the State of Maine has issued the attached Proclamation of State of Civil Emergency. Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles is closed until further notice and is now unable to process IRP, IFTA and OS/OW transactions and therefore we are unable to ensure that registrants and licensees will have proper operating credentials. At this time, we ask that all IRP and IFTA jurisdictions waive and delay enforcement action on these vehicles operating in your jurisdiction for the next 30 days. If the proclamation is extended, we will ask jurisdictions to continue to waive and delay enforcement action until Maine is no longer under a State of Civil Emergency. COPY OF NOTICE

MMTA NOTE: We expect Secretary of State Dunlap to issue additional guidance on the extension of license credentials sometime today.
Canada to Close Border Except for US Citizens, Commerce
Transport Topics

Canada is closing its borders to anyone who is not a citizen or a permanent resident amid the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced March 16. However, the declaration does not affect the shipment of goods into the country, and for now, U.S. citizens.... READ MORE
PA Temporarily Closes State Rest Stops

We can confirm that the rest areas are closed to all traffic. Our Colleagues at PA MOTOR TRUCK advise that PENN DOT intends to re-open the rest stops within a day or two but will limit them to parking and dumpster service only. Bathrooms will not be available. We understand the frustration this causes. We are also informed that other states, such as Maryland may be taking similar steps..... FMI
Coronavirus and Workers' Compensation
MMTA Workers' Comp. Trust

With the rising concerns of the Coronavirus, we wanted to provide some information on the potential impact this may have on workers’ compensation claims. If you have specific questions.... READ MORE
March 16, 2020

Other states have started to consider more drastic ways to protect against the spread of coronavirus. Widespread curfews, mandatory and voluntary quarantines, as well as other various local/regional restrictions will likely be commonplace in the foreseeable future.

MMTA is asking our members to be on the lookout, especially for proposed local restrictions, so that we can be sure deliveries and operations related to the supply chain are not impacted. Oftentimes, especially when decisions are made hastily in an effort to protect public health, there are unintended consequences that could have negative impacts such as inadvertently restricting the delivery of food, fuel, medicine and other supplies ordered online.

MMTA wants to be proactive to avoid transportation-related disruptions, so please contact Brian, Tim or Randy should you hear about any local or municipal action that may impact the delivery of goods.