We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Audrey Teal with her passing on Tuesday. We ask that you keep them in your prayers this coming week.
Worship with us this Sunday at 10am
Rev. Keith will be leading the service

Five large-print bibles can be found on the Audio/Visual (AV) cabinet at the back of the church along with hearing assistive devices. Please return them to their designated spot after the service with our thanks.

Mask-wearing is strongly encouraged at this time especially for those with underlying health issues. If you feel unwell or have tested positive for COVID, please worship with us via livestream and not in person. Thank you for your understanding.
Please note that Rev. Keith will be off from
June10th to the 18th

Rev. Keith Hagerman is away on study leave this week. He is attending the Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education, where the theme this year is BUILDING RESPECTFUL RELATIONS: Examining Canadian History from the perspective of Indigenous Peoples.    For more information, including the detailed brochure, check out the ASTE website
Coffee and Conversation
We need your help! With the return of Coffee and Conversation after the Service Sunday, we need volunteers to help make the coffee and clean up after. Please sign up on the bulletin board across from Rev. Keith's office.
Service Helpers Needed
Volunteers are needed to offer Prayers of the People and to read Scripture for May and June. There is a sign up sheet on the Bulletin Board across from Rev. Keith's office. Thanks.
News from Outreach:

We donated $315 each to Living Rock, to Ancaster Community Services and to Wesley Case for Kids. It's not to late to donate to Case for Kids at Wesley as the fundraiser runs the whole month of June.

We are looking forward to leading a Mission and Service Sunday on August 28th. During the service we will be reminded of the many ways the United Church M&S funds are used around the world.
Update from the Finance committee Chair, Charlotte Stewart

The Stewardship and Finance committee oversees the finances of Marshall. I am assisted by the members Janet Hockley, Barry Beavers, Wayne Joudrie and Bob Drennan. We are joined by our part-time accountant, Fiona Chen, who joined us on June 1st to provide us with the fiscal expertise which we need. Barbara Mahaffy, who served Marshall so devotedly and expertly, is enjoying her well-deserved retirement. We usually meet 5 or 6 times a year to review our financial position during the year, ensure that we are in as good fiscal shape as we can be, and to plan for the upcoming year.
You will recall that at our Annual General Meeting we approved a budget which was a deficit and requires the Marshall board and congregation to fundraise at least $12,000 by the end of this year. We also have some additional costs for our livestreaming and sound systems, which will require additional funds beyond the wonderful $30,000 grant which Kerry and her communications committee have obtained for us. Givings are our main source of revenue to pay our staff and operate our building.
Since December we have had a drop in givings from our members, some from moving out of town, so that we are now receiving just over $1,600 less in givings each month. This is a significant loss in income added to the deficit. Many Marshall members are on PAR and we are grateful for the steady income support. Some of our members have increased their givings during this year already and we are very grateful. If you feel that you can add to your current monthly givings, that will be wonderful.
But at the same time, we are going to need some good ideas for strong fundraising and cost savings as we go forward. The Finance committee is meeting June 20 th . If you have any suggestions we will look forward to hearing from you. The finance committee members are always pleased to hear from you by email or phone or in person.

The Annual Church Barbeque will be held on Thursday, September 8th from 4:30-6pm!

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School 2022 Knights of North Castle:
Quest for the King’s Armor! 
Our noble castle adventures will take place 9:00am to Noon on July 4 – July 8.
VBS is open to children in SK to grade 6, and includes daily snacks, crafts, science, games, songs, Bible stories, and more!. 
At St. John’s Parish Hall, and most activities will be outside on the green. Cost $30  sign up online at

Volunteers can also register on the website. Extra hands for daily set up and take down are needed. Great for high school youth volunteer hours. 

Read and Reflect
Reflecting on scripture daily has been shown to be one of the best ways to grow in faith. These calendars contain the Common Lectionary Readings for the upcoming worship service, allowing us to become familiar with the scriptures in advance, hopefully enriching not only our daily time with God, but also our weekly worship. Attached is the Read and Reflect for the months of June, July and August.
Reminders for Readers
· You will find some interesting reading on the Library Shelf in The Gathering Place.
· Our Marshall Library is open for visitors.
· When borrowing a book, please find the blue card in the back of the book,
write your name and the date and place the card in the Sign-out Box.
· Please return the book as soon as you have finished reading it.
Thank you, Pat McKnight
Book Review
"Scarred by Struggle, Transformed by Hope" by Joan D. Chittister

I found Joan D, Chittister's book fairly easy to read and that it had a good message for me after the struggles of the past two years.The book is based on Chittister's struggles with her loss of education and career in her early life and Genesis's story of Jacob's struggle with God.

She suggests that hurt is part of the process of life. Jacob endures, persists not needing to win, but is changed, wounded and he 
lets go of what can't be changed. Chittister follows a similar process throughout her own life.

The author points out that we all wrestle with God. Who hasn't wondered how God can let so many evil things happen in and to his world? Chittister does not see God as a puppeteer or magician, rather that he created the world and we are the caretakers.

She wants us to know that there is hope in the struggle.
 Hope is rooted in the past but believes in the future. God's world is in our hands.

Barbara Carey 
Kairos Blanket Exercise
June is Indigenous History Month. The Kairos Blanket Exercise is an activity that allows the participants to experience the complex interaction the indigenous nations and colonizers had with each other. All participants are actively involved as they move amongst the blankets that represent the transition of the land through the colonization process. You will NOT be centered out or pressured to speak. You will dramatically, representing the people who lived through this period of history. You can register for this activity by contacting
Ryerson United Church 905-648-2731
(Ryerson United Church and the Ancaster Community Church are
co-sponsoring this exercise.)
June 15, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.
Ryerson United Church, Ancaster

You can reach Rev. Keith at 519-504-9880 or by email ( Please call first before coming to the church. 

Please note that the office will be closed Fridays starting
June 24th
Office hours are Monday - Thursday from 9-12
If you need to contact me please call 905-648-4631 or email me at