Planting a new church is a ministry requiring special gifts, abilities, experiences and calling distinct from typical pastoral ministry.

The MNA Church Planter Assessment Center is used to help evaluate interested pastors in the specific competencies for church planting. 
2020 MNA Church Planter Assessment Centers
January 28-31 in Atlanta
  • Application deadline: November 4, 2019
April 14-17 in Atlanta
  • Application deadline: February 17, 2020
July 14-16 in San Antonio TX
  • Application Deadline: May 18
Sept 15-17 in Charlotte NC
  • Application Deadline: July 20
Nov 10-12 in Chicago IL
  • Application Deadline: September 14
Nov 17-19 in Philadelphia PA
  • Application Deadline: September 21

Click here for more information about the MNA Church Planter Assessment Center. Contact Mary Ellen Garofalo at 609=350-3323 or .to get started.
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