November 30, 2019
MNA Sheds of HOPE is Getting a New Hub
First morning in Tennessee on our way to Nashville. It was cold, and there was frost on the windows of "Big Finn." Who says we won't miss Dallas? This year has seen my longest deployment and continued expansion of Sheds of Hope. We decided to take the step we had been considering. What a joy to have Betsy on the road with me, now that she is free to travel!
In addition to Betsy working with me in the ministry, we are moving to Nashville and will be using this as our new Hub. Although this requires us to leave behind our beloved church, Sunday school class, and friends, it brings us closer to family when not on the road with Sheds of HOPE, and is central to primary disaster-prone areas.
Nice Day for Unloading
We were thankful for friends in Dallas that helped us load the trailer the night before we left, in spite of rainy weather. What a nice surprise to have good weather for unloading in Nashville. This is the first load as we go through our accumulation of 19 years in our home in Dallas.
Thanksgiving in Nashville
For Thanksgiving, our kids were with their spouses' families, so Betsy and I planned to go to Brunch. Got to Monell's at 10:30 and drove out of the parking lot at 1:30. So not Brunch, but had great conversations with people while waiting, and had Thanksgiving Lunch instead.
Temporary/Permanent Storage
Found a great place to store Mobile One for now, giving me time to search for something closer. If you know of a warehouse/barn in the Nashville area where I could park a trailer and store some Sheds of HOPE equipment, I would love to talk to you. Click Here .
Praise and Prayer
• For the continued increase in volunteers and families helped through Sheds of Hope
• For not having to deploy to a disaster during our transition to Nashville.
• For friends that have been part of our lives during the past 19 years who came to help us pack.

• For an efficient trip to Dallas in early December, getting the house emptied of the stuff we are not taking to Nashville
• For wisdom as Betsy and I navigate the changes involved in working together in ministry again
• For the increases needed in our support account, as MNA will be implementing a 10% administration fee starting in 2021