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CNA | SOPHIS Media Notes Canonical April 4, 2014
Good Morning.                                        


When understanding mobile, valuing engagement over scale trumps everything in your integrated marketing hand. And content has become the key marketing watchword for companies looking to assert their presence across digital and social channels in a more engaging way. This is the lead in your personal edition of Media Notes Canonical 040214. In addition, there is a good note on how mobile video is now a leading entertainment channel (Page Two) and the #1 reason for mobile news app usage is 'breaking news' (Page Three).


Facebook is now the #1 platform for social commerce (Page Four). Here you can find out how the others rank. And did you know, Americans use Facebook, not Twitter for news? Check that out on Page Five. Finally, we have defined the media habits of mobile ad-friendly shoppers (Page Seven).


As always, these and much more are placed in front of you for your better understanding of integrated marketing.


We hope you have a great day and a better weekend.


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