March 23, 2020

Dear MNLGA Members:

This e-mail is distributed to key contacts; please feel free to share with others in your office.

As you know, Governor Hogan just finished a press-conference wherein nonessential businesses have been closed.

Nursery, greenhouse, landscapers, and arborists are deemed essential. Continue operations but practice COVID-19 precautions!

Retail garden centers are closed to the public; however, your crops are agriculture hence may be maintained. 

Please read the Interpretive Guidance from the Governor’s office here . He reiterates that his order is not shelter-in-place however everyone is encouraged to stay home if at all possible. Make wise decisions and choices, please. Separate essential employees so they are not in close proximity to each other. Sections 2 b ii and 2 i. vi are most relevant to our industry. 

See link here for a synopsis from the Baltimore Sun, of the press conference. 

Please reference the COVID-19 resource page, linked on the homepage of the MNLGA website,

Please keep me, Vanessa, informed of what is going on with your business. If I know what is going on, I may be a better resource to you and to other members as we navigate together this uncharted territory. Feel free to email me at Vanessa

Stay well and let me know if there is anything the MNLGA can do for you.

Vanessa A. Finney
Executive Director, MNLGA