April 10, 2020

Good afternoon MNLGA Members:

This e-mail is distributed to key contacts; please feel free to share with others in your office.

I send new updates every day and really do not repeat a lot of the same information. Chelsea has added to the MNLGA’s COVID-19 resources page the COVID-19 based member alerts since we began issuing them on March 16 th . Please review them if you are hunting for older information.

I really have no new updates or reports to offer; it has been a quiet day. I hope your families and you are able to enjoy a peaceful weekend and have the opportunity to celebrate Easter or Passover. I know some families will be telephoning and video-conferencing, as they continue to practice social distancing. Its not a substitute for the real hug, but we will manage with what we can do.

I appreciate all the feedback you've shared with me the past couple of weeks; please keep it coming. What you are sharing may be helpful information for other members. And please remember to keep overt COVID-19 precautions utilized in your businesses. We want our clients and general public to see that Maryland's Green Industry is responding responsibly to this crisis.

Stay safe everyone.

Vanessa A. Finney
Executive Director, MNLGA

Remember to utilize the COVID-19 resources page on the MNLGA website . It includes resources to help connect with consumers, explanations and access to state and federal recovery, employment, and relief efforts, and more.