September 2019
 After nearly 50 years in operation Montessori Day school closed its doors this year. Montessori Day "passes the torch" through its Materials to  Greenbrier Montessori Schoo l, a new non-profit micro-preschool in the  Wildflower network  opening in January in Powderhorn Park. 

It's been five wonderful years of Montessori at the MN State Fair. Check out this year's highlights (and photos)!

Let us know your thoughts about the future of the Montessori Booth at the State Fair here!
(You could win one of the darling place mats used on the Toddler table!)

DERS 2.0, apply for Gov. Walz's Children's Cabinet, free advocacy training and more!

MNMN created a Montessori Training & Professional Development handout to share with visitors in the State Fair booth this year. That information is now available on the MNMN web site under Resources > Training & Professional Development. A PDF version is also available for download.
What inspires people to volunteer at the Montessori Booth each year?
”A recently trained teacher was surprised and overjoyed to see the booth with her friends, and explain the materials and her career choice to them. Seeing this person at the beginning of her career as a Montessori guide, so full of purpose and passion, was invigorating. Also, there were several young children who engaged with the materials and didn't want to leave when their parents told them it was time to go. One parent noted her daughter's enjoyment and commented that it would be great if school could be like the booth.”

”Introducing materials to children! I love when they are so engaged they lose track of their parents nearby. It was also fun talking to parents about school options and one person interested in becoming a teacher.”

”Talking with a parent and former traditional teacher who has been very inspired by Montessori and may be interested in going through the training”

”Watching children come and be "taken in" by the materials and having the chance to talk to parents about the method.”

“Seeing all children who came to the stand and interacted with the materials was truly enjoyable. I enjoyed helping them with the materials and seeing how self-directed many of the children were.”  
“Meeting people who had no experience with Montessori and engaging their kids and having them be blown away by how awesome it is.”

“Seeing the intense focus children achieved in our little corner, amid the busy stimulation of the Fair.” 

“The parents’ delight as they observe their children’s engagement.”

“Seeing the reaction passing children when they spy something just for them!”

“Seeing the children of all ages who have never known Montessori work no matter what was happening around them”

“Seeing how the materials brought the children into the booth!”

“Watching how the materials draw children in.”

“Teaching children how to use materials. Meeting and sharing time with the other volunteers. And I really enjoy hearing children from previous years saying how much they love the booth and that they now go to a Montessori school.”
Thank you State Fair Volunteers!
Community Events
Attend the Mini-MN Montessori Conference for FREE - as a MNMN Journalist!

MNMN and St. Kates have partnered to offer three people free attendance to the Mini-MN conference on October 17.  

We're looking for three people who are interested in exploring the day as more than attendees -- we are seeking those who would like to connect with others and share their experience. 

Your day will begin directing attendees to find the conference location on the St. Kate’s Campus. After all attendees are settled, you will attend the conference keynote and sessions of your choosing. Plan to take notes that you'll share with the MNMN community in your upcoming blog post(s) (aka short article) shared in our newsletter and on our website. Finally, you will help gather feedback from other attendees about their experience, and share the quotes you collect back to MNMN.

This opportunity is open to any member of the MNMN community, regardless of your role. We're especially interested in diverse perspectives. Current adolescent students, alumni, guides, assistants, parents, administration, board members, and other advocates are all welcome to express interest in this opportunity by emailing .
Free webinar for school administrators - How to start the school year well?

The Lead Montessori organization is offering a free webinar from Peter Davidson.

Those looking for a wonderful excuse to visit Prague this Fall may be interested in their second annual international Lead Montessori conference October 31-November 3.
Job Postings

Children’s Workshop Montessori School (CW) is seeking a compassionate, collaborative, full-time Spanish Speaking Assistant to join one of our Primary classrooms (3- 6 year olds).
This is a full-time, hourly position, 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. We offer a competitive hourly wage, group health care and dental insurance, health saving account, short term disability, retirement, tuition remission benefits, and a beautiful working environment.
Interested candidates please send a resume and cover letter to Chelsea Junge, Head of School at .