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What Do You Think: Report by AG Examines Executive Compensation at 25 of the State's Largest Nonprofits

A report released from the state Attorney General's office last month examined compensation at 25 of the Commonwealth's largest nonprofit organizations. The report is tied to a new annual reporting requirement for all of the state's nonprofits, which Attorney General Martha Coakley plans to introduce in early 2014. You can view a draft of the new requirement (Form PC, Schedule EC) in appendix A, page 83 of the report.

The Attorney General's office has indicated that the form is a prototype. We plan to provide them with valuable feedback from the state's nonprofit sector, and would like your input. What do you think of the new reporting requirement? Send us your thoughts at feedback@massnonprofitnet.org.

Register Now - Outcomes Measurement: Real World Examples of Success

In these leaner economic times, the most successful nonprofits are those that can effectively measure and state the impact they are making in the world. 


In this morning workshop on January 23, hosted by MNN and Associated Grant Makers, we will lay out the case for building up the capacity in your organization to effectively measure your impact. Program participants will develop a clear framing of outcomes measurement and then hear real world success stories from several nonprofits, including best practices and challenges around implementation. Additionally, participants will leave the workshop with resources to help them plan to move towards effectively measuring outcomes within your organization. Learn more and register here.


MNN CEO Testifies Against Attempts to Cap Nonprofit Salaries

MNN's CEO, Rick Jakious, recently testified on HB 1714 to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, citing the bill to be both unnecessary and potentially devastating to the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts.

HB 1714, An Act limiting executive salaries of state funded nonprofit organizations and public charities, affects nonprofits that receive 30% or greater of their annual budget from state funds and limits the compensation of executives, based on the annual budget size of the organization. The legislation, if passed, would cap some executive salaries at as low as $49,000. You can read the full text of Rick's testimony here.

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Court Case Could Have a Significant Impact on Taxation of Nonprofits  

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court heard arguments on January 6 in a case between The New England Forestry Foundation, Inc. (NEFF) and Board of Assessors of the Town of Hawley. The case could have significant implications on local municipalities' ability to determine the level of taxation on certain nonprofit-owned property. In a Boston Globe article, Robert J. Ellia, executive director of the Massachusetts Association of Assessing Officers said, "I really see it as fairly broad, affecting quite a bit of property throughout the state. I don't think it's just a small local matter. The repercussions of it are not necessarily minor."


Should Your Non-Profit Consider an Affiliation or Merger?

By Sheryl Howard, Associate, Krokidas & Bluestein LLP


In the wake of the economic meltdown, many non-profits struggled to continue their work as funding sources in all sectors - corporate, public and private - were reduced, while competition for these funds increased. During this time, many non-profits sought affiliations, mergers and, as a last resort, asset sales. For struggling organizations, restructuring became a necessity, while stable organizations used mergers or acquisitions to expand into new service areas or geographic regions and to increase efficiencies and access to resources. 


There are significant challenges for non-profit organizations seeking to partner. If your organization is considering an affiliation, you should consider the following... read more.   

Trainings & Events 

Volunteers, Interns and Independent Contractors: Practical Tips for Nonprofits, Lawrence, January 9

Linkedin Groups & Company Pages for Nonprofits, Webinar, January 14

Attract Monthly Donors to Your Cause, Webinar, January 16

Video Storytelling for Nonprofits, Natick, Jan. 17, Jan. 31 & Feb. 14

*Channeling Wisdom: Young Nonprofit Leaders Speak Out, Boston, Jan. 21

Youtube and Video Content for Nonprofits, Webinar, January 22

*Outcomes Measurement: Real Word Examples, Cambridge, January 23

Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop, Boston, January 23

*New Frontiers in Personal and Team Motivation, Boston, January 23

Cutting-edge Coursework for People Who Make a Difference for Youth in their Communities, Framingham, January 29

Moving Toward Smart and Open Government- What Nonprofits Need to Know, Boston, January 31

Google Adwords for Nonprofits, Cambridge, February 4

How to Increase Member Retention, Wayland, February 5

*Organizational Assessment, Boston, February 27

*Collaboration within Orgs and the Larger Community, Holyoke, March 6

*Governance Leadership Program, Boston, March-Oct.

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Call for 411 articles

As leaders in the nonprofit and business sectors, we want you to share your knowledge through brief articles that provide tips, techniques, and information to help nonprofits function efficiently and effectively. We post these articles by our members on the MNN website and social media channels and include it in the bi-weekly newsletter. Articles can range from volunteer recruitment to nonprofit finance (and everything in between).





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