Member Highlight: George Wright

Get to know George Wright, (pictured right) the reigning men's club champion!

Tennis Memory: George and his twin brother, Erik, both played tennis for Bruton High School, and he wouldn't trade the experience for anything!

Role Model: His grandfather, who played tennis until he was 85, was an inspiration to him.

Fun Story: One day his grandfather noticed that he was consistently hitting balls into the net. His clever solution was to place a ten dollar bill in the net. If George didn't miss a single ball in the net, he would get to keep the money. This forced George to learn topspin!

3 Words to Describe Tennis: "Challenging", "Fun", and "Good Exercise" (even though "good exercise" is 2 words!)

What He Loves Most About MNTC: Playing in the warmth when it's cold outside and in the cool when it's hot outside are two of the benefits MNTC offers that George enjoys most.

Advice to Tennis Parents: George is a great example to tennis parents. He can be seen practicing with his ten year old son, Zach, on a regular basis. He understands the importance of making the sport fun for young children, and he also knows that as you get older you have to put in more time on court.

Personal Goals: Currently George plays three times a week, including a hit with his twin brother every Sunday. He hopes to compete in adult tournaments within the next year.

What He Hopes for the Future at MNTC: George hopes that clay courts will be added to the facility.