Member Highlight: Will Fan (left)
Will Fan, 15, is a sophomore at Hampton Roads Academy. As a top junior tennis player in Williamsburg, Will demonstrates exceptional work ethic and maturity. This summer Will not only trained nearly every day, both indoors and outdoors, but also volunteered over 25 hours at our Academy Camp as an assistant coach. His advice to other juniors is simple, “Start young, make realistic goals, and work hard.” Will can still recall his first experience playing tennis back when he was in first grade. He came to MNTC in a heavy coat and pants, expecting an outdoor facility and went home sweating that night.
He played number one for his team this past year and hopes to go undefeated this season. When asked where he could see himself in five years, Will’s answer was simple- “playing tennis for a NCAA Division One school.” With Will’s drive and determination, there is no doubt that he will achieve his goal. We are grateful for Will’s dedication as a person and as a player.

Fun Facts About Will
Favorite school subject: "History"
Favorite Quote: “Don’t wish it was easier. Wish you were better.”
Favorite MNTC Memory: "Giving back by volunteering in the junior programs and creating an Instagram for Coach Mark"
Favorite tennis player: Roger Federer- “Because he’s a cool cat.”