Pro-Tip of the Month
“To improve the timing on the serve, always have the releasing arm slightly above the hitting arm.”
- Chris Trizzino
Best wishes you will be dearly missed
Farewell, Britanni!

We are beyond proud of Britanni Dilworth who has achieved her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. This summer Britanni will be relocating to Texas for two years with her husband, who will be attending the Green to Gold Army program. MNTC won't be the same without Britanni. Though her time at MNTC was brief, she has made an incredible impact with her skills and dedication, but especially with her incredible personality.

Coach Mark:
"Britanni is a highly professional person with a superb can do attitude. She has made a tremendous impact on the administrative side of the tennis center, and she will be sorely missed."

A message from Britanni:
"I will miss everyone!!! That's the best part- the people that I work with and all the members! I will miss all the long conversations with them about life and just miss the day to day life at the tennis center. It was so much fun! I won't miss stringing racquets though, and I don't think they'll miss me either!"
Farewell, Coach Cole!

Congratulations to our beloved Coach Cole, who recently obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Finance and Business Analytics from William & Mary. Coach Cole has dedicated hours and hours to MNTC on court and behind the scenes. This month, Coach Cole will be moving to New York City to work at IBM. We will miss his bright, genuine, down to earth soul.

A message from Coach Cole:
"I will miss my kids- the mischievous, the misunderstood, the dedicated, the silly, and especially the comedic. I teach them tennis, and they teach me how to appreciate the simple joys in life that come with living in the moment, which makes every day colorful. I'll also miss Neely, who's always been like a big sister to me, and others like Mark, Mike, and Jimmy, who will always be my tennis family. Lastly, I'll miss my hometown, Williamsburg, whose quality of life and slower pace will always hold fond memories for me as I traverse bigger cities and continents in the future. Despite this, I'll always carry a Tribe spirit and MNTC in my heart. Thank you everyone!"
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