Dear Members,
Now that the weather is warming up, the Tribe Tennis teams will be moving outdoors which means, as long as the weather holds, this will open up some court time at MNTC.

We are also excited to announce our additional school-specific program designed to build camaraderie and help players gear up for their tennis season. Recently we worked with the Girls and Boys Jamestown High School teams which also incorporated the Tribe Men and Women's Team Matches, Walsingham Academy and Williamsburg Montessori. We are looking forward to Providence Classical School Program sta rting up again soon as well.

Summer camp information is being finalized and we will be out soon.

See ya on the courts!!
Best Wishes,
Mike Caboy

Remembering Millie West

McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center lost a dear friend and advocate when Millie West passed away on Saturday, February 15.

"Millie was a visionary leader who carved out opportunities for women where they previously didn't exist, her efforts on the behalf of women's athletics at W&M well preceded Title IX."

She was instrumental in the construction of the McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center in 1995 and we are forever grateful for her, passionately growing the game and connecting the community through tennis.

Read more about Millie's life and legacy on
Trial Month: Earlier Court Time Reservations
For the month of March, we are now accepting court reservations from 7:30-9 AM.

We will begin accepting calls for court reservations beginning at 7:30 AM. This will only be for the month of March during this trial period. Members will still have the benefit of booking this court time a week in advance.

We will determine at the end of the month if this will be a permanent change. Stay tuned!
Membership Renewals
If your membership is up for renewal, please stop by the front desk to complete your paperwork. Not sure when to renew? Stop by and see us anyway! Current membership rates are online. Good news! Beginning in 2021, memberships will auto-renew.
New Website Launched
After many months of behind the scenes work, the new McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center website is now live. Featuring an events calendar, USTA information and more, we hope you find this new site a valuable resource.
ProTip of the Month

"Amateurs practice until they get it right, champions practice until they can’t get it wrong."
March Classes
Monday, March 2nd - Tuesday, March 31st.

Green Ball: M/W from 4:30-6 PM
Yellow Ball: M/W from 6-7:30PM
Red Ball: T/TH from 5-6 PM
Orange Ball: T/TH from 6-7 PM
Game. Set. Chat.

Join the MNTC coaches on the court the week of March 16th-19th during the first 15 minutes of class.

This will be a time for players and parents to ask questions and share ideas.
Junior Tournaments

Saturday, March 7th
Open Level 6 BG12&16 Junior Winter Series
Tournament ID 300020020
Yellow Boys & Girls 12 and 16
Monday Round Robin
-Time: 12-1:30pm
-Level: 3.0-4.0
-Cost: M-$5 NM-$20

-Beginner: Tuesdays 7-8 PM
-AM Doubles Clinic: Friday 10:30-12 PM
-Advanced: Friday 5-6 PM

Doubles Play:
Weekly Sign-Up

 Email Coach Mark at

Wednesdays 12-1:30 PM

Mixed Doubles
Friday 6:30-8:30 PM
Daytime Leagues

March/April Session

Tuesday 10:30 AM -12 PM 3.0-3.5

Thursday 10:30 AM -12 PM 3.0-3.5

Please email Mo at  if you would like to sign up or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
William & Mary Tennis Schedule: March 2020
Men's Team

Sunday, 03.01.20 | 1 PM:
W&M vs. Elon @ Millie West ( Home)

Saturday, 03.07.20 | 10 AM:
W&M vs. Penn @ Philadelphia, PA (Away)

Sunday, 03.08.20 | 10 AM:
W&M vs. Princeton @ Princeton, NJ (Away)

Wednesday, 03.11.20 | 3 PM:
W&M vs. Virginia @ Charlottesville, VA (Away)

Tuesday, 03.17.20 | 2 PM:
W&M vs. Georgetown @ Washington, D.C. (Away)

Friday, 03.20.20 | 2 PM:
W&M vs. East Carolina @ Greenville, NC (Away)

Sunday, 03.22.20 | 1 PM:
W&M vs. Virginia Tech @ Millie West ( Home)

Friday, 03.27.20 | 6 PM:
W&M vs. Middle Tennessee @ Murfreesboro, TN (Away)
Women's Team

Sunday, 03.01.20 | 12 PM:
W&M vs. Duke @ Durham, NC (Away)

Saturday, 03.07.20 | 1 PM:
W&M vs. Penn @ Philadelphia, PA (Away)

Sunday, 03.08.20 | 12 PM:
W&M vs. Maryland @ College Park, MD (Away)

Friday, 03.13.20 | 12 PM:
W&M vs. Delaware @ Newark, DE (Away)

Friday, 03.20.20 | 12 PM:
W&M vs. Princeton @ Millie West ( Home)

Sunday, 03.22.20 | 10 AM:
W&M vs. Rice @ Millie West ( Home)

Saturday, 03.28.20 | 11 AM:
W&M vs. James Madison @ Millie West ( Home)
Member Highlight: Lisa Freeman
How often do you play at MNTC?
“Currently I am on the sub-lists. The fun part about that is I get to play with such a variety of different players.” 

What is your favorite shot?
“One that goes in. I honestly don’t have a preference between forehand and backhand. I don't have a preference on what side I play in doubles either.”

What are your hobbies?
“Spending time with my husband who loves boating and fishing, especially in the Outer Banks.”

What are your goals for tennis?
"Watch more tennis and take lessons. Learning doubles strategy is something on my bucket list. The people I play with place the ball so well."

What is the best tennis advice you've received?
"Mike gave me a tip that I swear has worked- when you're returning serve in doubles, line up as if there is a string attached to your belly button and the belly button of the server."

What is your favorite aspect of MNTC?
“The neat, diverse group of people who come to play here for such a variety of reasons, those who play for the competition, and those like me, who play for the recreational benefits. I’ve met so many incredible people who have lived everywhere and have accomplished so much in their lives.”

What are your hopes for MNTC in the future? “That MNTC would continue to make it work so well, providing for the needs and interests of the different members of the tennis community, the Tribe players, the adults, and the juniors.”

  • We begin accepting calls for court reservations at 7:30 AM in March for the member's advanced 7 day booking membership benefit. Note, this can be a very busy time, so please be patient and continue calling until we are able to pick up the phone. Thank you!

  • Please do your due diligence when using the ball machine and ensure no colored (red, green, or orange) junior balls are collected and put into the ball holding area - this can cause malfunction or damage to the machine!

  • When using the ball machine, please do not run over the extension cord with the ball mower

  • Please return your towel in the laundry basket by the front desk area (check at home for our towels please!)

  • Helpful Tip: If you're unable to book a court, don't forget you can call the same day and see if any courts have opened up
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