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The Cub Scout motto is "Do your best!"  Does this apply to everything we do? 

David J. Baltzer, RN, LFACHE, President.
One beauty of the Cub Scout motto is that when we've done the best we can do, we usually get a good outcome. Another is that when we make a mistake, our ego can kick in to remind us that we tried. So...this message starts out with a correction and an apology.
In the 2017 3rd Quarter President's Message I made a mistake by referring to a colleague who presented as a Fellow "Designate." In all my years of active affiliation with the ACHE I had not heard the term "Designate." To me the light was either on or off. We are either Fellows or we're not. I didn't know there was a third option. We don't know what we don't know.

The main message is that painfully, [and thankfully (ego saved me)], a few days later Shawn Eaker, FACHE wrote to correct me.  Previously the ACHE let people use "Designate" when all requirements, except the three-year membership time, had been completed.  Now that has been changed again because all requirements including tenure must be completed before taking the exam.  I hadn't known that.  For my mistake, I sincerely apologize to anyone I besmirched, and I stand corrected.

There's another message.  It's called "gratitude" for people who correct us.  In his book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell says (paraphrasing) we should be grateful to the mavens who take the time and energy to write a letter to the editor.  These are people who care.  

Please note the tone of Shawn's e-mail. Shawn is understanding of my mistake and positive about ACHE's evolution.  Shawn is NOT a critic shouting down from the safety of the audience in the grandstands.  Teddy Roosevelt's famous 1910 speech, " The Man in the Arena" perfectly describes that phenomenon.  Shawn is willing to enter into the fracas in the arena.

Healthcare executives know what it is like to be "the man (woman) in the arena."  There are plenty of smart people who feel entitled to second-guess us with opinions about what we could or should have done differently.  And, we've all taken our turn at criticizing from the outside those who are on the inside.  When we're in the arena, we can only do our best.

ACHE requires all 78 chapters to publish a quarterly newsletter and ACHE provides helpful guidance and suggestions for articles.  Nonetheless, a volunteer chapter board of directors establishes a volunteer Communications Committee that is responsible for a digital document that is released with a mouse click to 957 Missouri members plus 3,519 ACHE affiliates outside Missouri who want to stay in touch. The challenge becomes one of meaningfulness.

We all get a lot of e-mails.  Some of them include newsletters.  ACHE annual surveys, chapter surveys, and software diagnostics give feedback about reader satisfaction.  MO-ACHE knows how long the average reader looks at each issue and which links are clicked.  77% are deleted from the Inbox.

This is the 20th issue of Chapter News published in the 3 years I chaired the Communications Committee and 2 years I served as President of MO-ACHE.   Volunteers and staff have done our best to help make the newsletter meaningful.  An example is the creation of the MO-ACHE Student Essay Award (M-SEA).  One purpose of M-SEA is to generate original articles that share the thoughts of future healthcare leaders.  Please note Andrew Oberle's 4th annual award-winning essay, "Fostering Resilience in Trauma Care to Improve Outcomes and Social Program Solvency" published in this issue.

In 2014 I wrote an intentionally controversial opinion piece for Chapter News.  I suggested that our "do something" Congress should abolish the apothecary measurement system.  The rationale is that every Deming, Lean, Toyota (whatever you want to call it) theory decries duplication and every student learns early that the metric system of measurement is better.  I won't get on that soapbox again, but the point is that there was NO response.  And, I'd love to know what people thought about my last tirade about ACHE's protocol about showing our MHA or MBA when we're Fellows.  So, you can imagine my pleasure, after 19 issues to know that someone took the time and energy to correct me.  Thank you, Shawn!

The Cub Scouts have a great motto, "Do your best!"  I did.  I do.  Do you?  Say "Yes!"

Questions/comments? Please write  Thank you for your support of MO-ACHE's mission " to advance our members and healthcare leadership excellence"!

annual2017 Annual Report

In 2017 the MO-ACHE Board of Directors (BofD) fulfilled its fiduciary responsibilities with 6 regular meetings with a quorum. This is a summary of activities which was presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting on November 2.

MO-ACHE members of the Board of Directors (BofD) serve two-year terms concurrent with the calendar Fiscal Year.  During 2017, the Nominating Committee identified candidates for a slate that was proposed to Missouri members.  The election concluded on October 30 with unanimous support for the slate.  On November 1, the MO-ACHE BofD ratified the election and the results were reported at the MO-ACHE Annual Meeting on November 2.

Please welcome and support 4 new volunteer members of your chapter board:
Mohammad T. Agha, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical PM&R, MIZZOU
Joyce M. Eisel, DR. P.H, Chair, Anheuser-Busch School of Business, Harris-Stowe
Tina Garrison, MS, Vice President of Operations, SSM Health DePaul Hospital
Nathan Riner, MBA, Senior Consultant, The Riner Group

Following is the MO-ACHE BofD roster for 2-year terms effective January 1, 2018:

President Ron Present, CNHA, CALA

President-Elect W. Bryant McNally, J.D., MPH., FACHE

Secretary Tom Saggio, RN-BC, MHS, MSN

Treasurer Jonathan R. Vitiello, FACHE

Immediate Past President David J. Baltzer, RN, LFACHE

ACHE Regent, Katherine L. Nowak, MSPT, MBA, FACHE

Communications Committee Chair Joyce M. Eisel, DR. P.H.

Membership Committee Chair Nathan Riner, MBA

Sponsorship Committee Chair James M. Brophy, FACHE

Central MO LPC Chair Mohammad T. Agha, MD

Kansas City LPC Chair Kristi Baker, MSJ

Southeast MO LPC Chair Jason Schrumpf, MBA, PT

Southwest MO LPC Chair Christopher Breite, FACHE

St. Louis LPC Chair Tina Garrison

It is with acknowledgement and gratitude for many years of dedicated service that 3 members of the BofD cycle off the board on December 31, 2017.  Please share your appreciation with:
Jennifer Bjelich, FACHE, Communications Committee Chair
Roma Nemani, MBA, MHA, Immediate Past President
Brett Moorehouse, FACHE, St. Louis Local Program Council Chair

Thank you!

Andrew F. Oberle, Jr and David J. Baltzer, RN, LFACHE, President.
oberleOberle Earns 2017 M-SEA 

Andrew F. Oberle, Jr. is the recipient of the 2017 MOHEG Student Essay Award (M-SEA) for his essay " Fostering Resilience in Trauma Care to Improve Outcomes and Social Program Solvency ". The award of $1,000 was presented during the 2017 MO-ACHE Annual Meeting on November 2 at Tan-Tar-A Resort.
Andrew is a native of St. Louis, MO. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from the St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX and a Master's Degree in Anthropology from University of Texas at San Antonio. Andrew expects to earn his MHA from St. Louis University in Spring of 2019 and begin working on his Ph.D. in Public Health-Health Management and Policy in the fall of 2019. Andrew and his partner, Vanessa, have an infant daughter, Lily. Andrew likes movies, home improvement projects, taking the dogs for walks, and playing the ukulele. He is the founder of the Oberle Institute at Saint Louis University.
The purpose of M-SEA is to encourage future healthcare leaders to share their thoughts about the health care delivery system in original essays that contribute to the literature of the field.
Andrew has a bright future as healthcare leader. Please join in congratulating Andrew for earning this prestigious MO-ACHE award for a student in an ACHE Higher Education Network (HEN) program! 

Become a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE)!
Earning the distinction of board certification in healthcare management as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) signifies your expertise, experience and commitment to continuing education and professional development. Just as members of the medical staff are board certified, having the FACHE credential by your name indicates a level of achievement in the profession.  The ACHE has new requirements for attaining Fellowship status that can be found at 

For additional information, please contact: 
Jon Vitiello, MO-ACHE Membership Committee Chair 
Nathan Riner, Membership Committee Vice-Chair 

December 12, 2017 - The Future of Healthcare Financing (Springfield MO)
1.5 Hours of ACHE Face-to-Face Credits

Financing, a driving force on the healthcare landscape, continues to become more complex. With budgetary pressures on Medicare and Medicaid, pay for performance and federal expectations for investment in technology without regard to costs, executives must constantly monitor the financing landscape. Given these pressures, many questions emerge. Join us for an interactive discussion about the outlook for Medicaid, including an update on the impact of not expanding Medicaid in Missouri, the Transformation Bill, the future of consumer driven products and other issues surrounding financing Healthcare in Missouri.

  • Ryan Barker, MSW, MPPA, Vice President of Health Policy, Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH)
  • Mike Merrigan, Program Director, Masters in Health Administration, Missouri State University
  • Alan Freeman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Affinia Healthcare in St. Louis (formerly Grace Hill Health Centers, Inc.)
  • Brian Kinkade, Vice President of Children's Health and Medicaid Advocacy, Missouri Hospital Association
Save the Date - Registration will be posted shortly.

March 28, 2018 - The Mental Health Crisis in St. Louis: Challenges and Solutions

1.5 Hours of ACHE Face-to-Face Credits

Jim Brophy Image
Jim Brophy
Sponsorship Chair

Our Board of Directors has approved a Sponsorship Campaign to raise funds for the Missouri Chapter to host leadership development / educational and networking events across the state for our members.
Sponsorship levels are:

These Sponsorship levels are consistent with other ACHE Chapters. Potential sponsors include health systems, hospitals and healthcare companies such as law, accounting, construction, architecture, and insurance firms that serve healthcare provider organizations.    

Platinum Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Should you have questions or potential Sponsors, please contact Jim Brophy or Jim Andrews:

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