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Stephen Hawking said, "The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance-it is the illusion of knowledge".  How do we get to know what we don't know that we don't know?

David J Baltzer Board Photo
David J. Baltzer, RN, LFACHE, President.
Kristi Baker is a MO-ACHE Board of Directors member and chair of the Bi-State Kansas City Local Program Council.  Recently Kristi asked if she should encourage Kansas City chapter members to check their MyACHE accounts to see if all earned education credits have been posted.  Kristi gave me the idea for this message to all Missouri members. 
So, here it is:  Please go to and log in to MyACHE.  Check your education credits.  Kristi's suggestion was timely for other reasons, too. 
On the national level, Desmond Ryan, FACHE, ACHE Vice President of Regional Services just informed us on June 15 that ACHE has implemented the new Association Management System software.  A new password is required.  So, now is a good time to verify your data.
On the Missouri level, you will soon receive in the U.S. Mail a postcard from Jennifer Bjelich, FACHE member of the MO-ACHE Board of Directors and Chair of the Communications Committee (CC).  Jennifer will ask you to verify your contact information and that you received this 2nd Quarter MO-ACHE Chapter News.  The CC has learned that some members do not always receive MO-ACHE's quarterly newsletters and e-blasts announcing education programs.  Would you log in to MyACHE and make sure everything is up-to-date, please?  This would include your profile, employment and education history, membership history, and My Recognition for volunteer service points.
Jon Vitiello, FACHE, Chair of the MO-ACHE Membership Committee (MC) and member of the chapter Board of Directors, has directed the MC to prepare a needs analysis specific for Missouri members.  This survey will complement the national ACHE survey that you have just received (and hopefully completed) to further provide you with first rate service.  Every aspect of chapter operations will be questioned and reviewed. 
Sometimes people ask "How are ACHE members assigned to chapters?"  The answer is that assignment is based on work address.  However, individuals can receive up to 5 additional chapters' newsletters and e-blasts.  So, again, it's all in MyACHE.  If you have questions about the Missouri chapter, please let me know:
Thank you for your support of MO-ACHE's mission "to advance our members and healthcare leadership excellence." 

studentBecome an ACHE Student Associate! 

Jenna Zmuda
Master of Health Administration Student
Saint Louis University
The American College of Healthcare Executives Congress took place from March 27th -March 30th of 2017. The week was filled with networking, education, and building relationships with students from different healthcare 
management programs. After attending Congress, not only did I grow as a professional but also as a person. As graduate students, we were able to learn from the most prestigious individuals in the field. The inspiration and belief they bestowed upon us, motivated us to be leaders in the changing healthcare environment.
As students seeking higher education, it is important to engage ourselves in organizations that will help us become better professionals. ACHE is an organization that drives students to be the best they can be, while learning about the newest technologies and innovations within the field. Joining ACHE allows students to network not only with successful individuals but also with other students. After attending Congress, students have formed networks with peers from different healthcare management programs. It is important to start building lasting relationships with these individuals because they could potentially become our co-workers.
 As an ACHE student associate, students can attend multiple seminars throughout the country. There are regional conferences and seminars closer to the school, but once a year students can attend ACHE Congress in Chicago. Not only can they attend but they can also become program assistants! If chosen to be a program assistant, the students will be reimbursed for their attendance to Congress.  Congress registration is $500.00 for students, so being a program assistant allows more individuals to seek out this great opportunity. Being a program assistant allows for the students to work different sessions throughout the week. I personally was able to work a session in which Dr. Michael Nowicki presented about financial management. It was an eye-opening experience and I could relate what I learned in the classroom to his presentation. The feeling of all the dots starting to connect was rewarding. Becoming a program assistant is only one door that is opened for students through attending Congress.
I also encourage students to get more involved in their region's ACHE chapter and to make the effort to attend as many seminars as possible. I am involved in MO - ACHE, the Missouri chapter of ACHE. There are multiple ways to get involved. I started by submitting an essay for the MO-ACHE student essay contest. Winning that award gave me more exposure to MO-ACHE and got me involved in the communications committee. My role within this committee has helped me improve my networking and professional skills. I have worked to foster relationships with ACHE-professionals, and I am working to grow the student associate membership among my peers. Becoming involved in your region's chapter will help you continue to build relationships both inside and outside the organization. It is important to remember that the professionals and peers you meet along the way could be people you potentially work with or for in the years to come!


Patricia Sanders-Hall, FACHE
Patricia  Sanders-Hall, FACHE is one of the  Hero's in Healthcare for 2017.

Effectively representing that professional diversity and building high-functioning teams, she says, "has truly been the greatest honor and privilege of my career. 

Click here to read more about her accomplishments

Dr. Simone Cummings
Simone Cummings appointed Dean of Walker School of Business & Technology
at Webster University

Click here to read more about her appointment

Jonathon R. Vitiello, FACHE
Jonathon R. Vitiello, FACHE has been appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board of ACHE's national publication, Frontiers

The Communications Committee welcomes members to submit achievements with photo to Jim Andrews at MO-ACHE's office.

MO-ACHE Student Essays  essays

The MO-ACHE Communications Committee, chaired by Jennifer Bjelich, FACHE conducts the MO-ACHE Student Essay Award (M-SEA) which is open to all students enrolled one of Missouri's 8 ACHE Higher Education Network (HEN) programs.  The purposes of the contest are to learn the thoughts of future healthcare leaders and generate original articles for the chapter newsletter.  Jennifer Zmuda, St. Louis University MHA Class of 2018, was presented with the Third Annual M-SEA during the chapter's Annual Meeting on November 3, 2016.  Jennifer's essay "Socio Demographic Factors Affecting Hospital Admission Rates" was published in the 2016 4th Quarter MO-ACHE Chapter News.  Below are the other entries.  The MO-ACHE Board of Directors offers sincerest compliments to all who entered essays in 2016.  We hope you enjoy what these bright, early careerists have to offer!

Telemedicine: A Virtual Reality  by Saba Siddiqi, M.D.

Keys to Physician Engagement  by Elizabeth J. Andrews, M.D.

What if? by Ronnie Lightfoot

Recruitment and Retention Strategy by Jennifer Lawmaster

How to Fix RN Turnover Rate by Kaila Frazier

Can You Repeat That? by Jennifer Davenport

The Case for an Expanded Role for Stakeholders by Martin J. Casagrand, CAPM, LEED GA

Be on the look out for the 2017 Student Essay Award Contest

Jim Brophy Image
Jim Brophy
Sponsorship Chair

Our Board of Directors has approved a Sponsorship Campaign to raise funds for the Missouri Chapter to host leadership development / educational and networking events across the state for our members.
Sponsorship levels are:

These Sponsorship levels are consistent with other ACHE Chapters. Potential sponsors include health systems, hospitals and healthcare companies such as law, accounting, construction, architecture, and insurance firms that serve healthcare provider organizations.    

Platinum Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Should you have questions or potential Sponsors, please contact Jim Brophy or Jim Andrews:

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