Hello, my name is Trevi C. Hall and I am a person in Recovery. My Recovery journey started in 1991. I was able to cease the use of substances and get my life semi-back together (8 years). Little did I know or, better yet, refused to accept, that substances were not my only problem. Therefore, my road to recovery has had many curves, bumps, detours and stops. After struggling for many years with accepting that I have a disease which is progressive, incurable and can be fatal, I embraced the idea and was finally able to totally surrender. In surrender, I found the root of my inability to cope with life on life’s terms without the use of substances:  Untreated childhood/adolescent trauma which resulted in poor mental health. So, having finally gotten to the root of my issues, my recovery pathway involves peer to peer support, abstinence, mental health services and an overwhelming desire to remain in recovery. That simple formula has brought me to where I am today.

Being the new Western MA Regional Coordinator for MOAR is a dream come true for me. As such, I strive to continue the wonderful work and cultivate the professional and community connections that MOAR has in Western MA and broaden MOAR’s reach into our underserved communities, while steadfastly maintaining MOAR’s Mission and Vision. I look forward to working with and learning from the many experienced employees of the MOAR organization. I hope to offer MOAR my knowledge, experience and pure excitement to be able to actively encourage those persons who are affected by SUD to come together in a collective voice and advocate for services not only at the local level but statewide as well.
If anyone would have suggested to me 5 years ago that I would one day be able to contribute to this phenomenon called Recovery in such an instrumental and valuable way, I might have laughed. Today I believe in myself and in Recovery and all that it can offer if we just give ourselves a chance.